Intelligently Control Your Air-Conditioner With Sensibo

This next gadget is a great alternative to buying an air conditioner like the Honeywell Contempo AC. Summer is approaching fast, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn on your air-conditioner to stay away from the heat. But, do keep in mind that keeping it on all day is going beef up your electricity bill, so you need and energy efficient solution to make sure it doesn’t go too high. Recently, we covered a device dubbed as Tado, which is seeking funds on Kickstarter, and today, we came across another intelligent solution to this problem known as Sensibo.

Sensibo is a small device which intelligently controls your A/C, helping you cut down on your electricity bill. This tiny device give users the ability to control their A/C using their smartphone via a dedicated app which is available on both iPhone and Android. The device connects the A/C with the WiFi internet, and is designed to work with any air-conditioner in the market that has a remote control. It uses IR commands to communicate with your existing A/C just like the remote control.


The unit is comprised of two parts: a mounting unit that attaches to the A/C surface, and the main pod unit that floats on a magnetic axis around the mounting unit. All you have to do is to stick it to the air conditioner, and you’re good to go. The company claims it can reduce your electricity bills by almost 40 percent. Apart from controlling your A/C, the device also comes with empty room detect technology, optimizes temperature and humidity levels, weather connected, learns and adapt to your lifestyle, and more. Take a look at the video above to find out how this gadget works.

The project is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo, and have managed to raise over $21,000 against their goal of $70,000 with 45 more days to go. If you feel this is something useful, head over to Indiegogo and make a pledge. Early birds are expected to get their units in January next year. Early bird pledge starts at $79, and can go as high as you want it to be.

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