Installer Champ Premium Breathe Activated Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As more cabin filters continue to flood the market, manufacturers are now coming up with different ways to differentiate their products, and create a winning edge that will earn them favour from their customers.. For the Installer Champ breathe easy cabin filter, that winning edge is tied to its longer life. The average lifespan for cabin filters is about 12000 miles, but with the premium breathe easy cabin filter, you get about 25% more than that, which is around 15000 miles. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Fortunately, this isn’t the only feature that makes the Installer Champ premium breathe cabin air filter the top must-have car accessories. Sit tight for this review, and get to see if this Spearhead premium breathe easy filter is the best cabin air filter for your vehicle.

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Why We Like It – Installer Champ Premium Breathe Activated

The Installer Champ Premium Breathe Activated air filter is all you need to make sure that road debris exhaust fumes and bad odours stay outside your vehicle’s ventilation system. This car filter promises 25% longer life with activated carbon, and is much heavier vs standard cabin air filters.

  • 3 Layered Electrostatic material that catches ultrafine materials
  • Lasts 25% longer than generic filters
  • Money back guarantee
  • Only works with Chevrolet, Buic & GMC vehicles


If you’re a new vehicle owner, it’s pretty normal to want the best products for your car. The Installer champ premium breathe easy cabin filter happens to fall within this premium category, and this is mainly because of its above standard performance. This filter relies on honeycomb charcoal weaves that make them last 25% longer than regular air filters such as the EPAuto CP285. The Installer champ filter is also two times heavier vs standard cabin filters, and this is due to the use of thick electrostatic media. This media is made up of a 3-stage filtration system, and this is to completely stall the inflow of road debris exhaust fumes into the vehicle’s ventilation system.

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By comparison, this Inspire Champ air filter is much thicker than the ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter. This is despite both of them sharing the three layered design. The main difference between them being that the Installer Champ filter offers a 25% longer life w activated carbon. Other than that, a new customer will be very hard pressed to figure out which of the two to go with, but this decision will also be influenced by the make model of their car.


Just like the FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter, Installer champ cabin air filters are also infused with an activated carbon adsorption filter to prevent any bad odour from getting into your car’s HVAC, and is responsible for the fresh breeze you experience once you install a new car filter on your car. Once you’re convinced that this is the right cabin filter for your vehicle, what you need to do before you make a purchase is look up the part number of your car to see if it’ll be compatible. To do this, please enter the year make and model of your vehicle on Amazon, and wait for the response. This product information is very important to have because if the vehicle isn’t compatible, you might end up having a filter that doesn’t fit your vehicle.

Installer Champ Premium Breathe Activated Wrap Up

The only caveat with this filter is that it only works with Buick, Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. If the model of your vehicle happens to be one of these, then go ahead and make your order on Amazon.