Inspiration Play Double Ditto Family Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Double Ditto is not exactly a board game, but it is way easier to play than a lot of other board games in the market, and it can be played by the whole family as long as each player can read or write. As its name might suggest, the game is based on being able to match words with your fellow players, and when you do, you yell ditto! If you match two words, then you cross them off as you yell double ditto! If this sounds fun, then take some time to go through our review and find out if it might rank high up on your list as one of the best board games you’ve ever come across.

Why We Like It – Inspiration Play Double Ditto Family

There’s literally no other party game that’s as easy to play as double ditto is ( though the Hasbro A5826079 Clue Game is pretty easy). All you have to do is think of what your friend is likely to write down, and the more your answers match, the more points you have.

  • Easy to play
  • Works with large groups
  • No rules
  • Large groups might be hard to manage


Unlike Catan The Board Game, there’s no long list of rules that you have to adhere to when playing the double ditto family board game. All you have to do is choose who will be reading out the cards, and ensure that all the players have a pen and paper in hand to write down any two answers that come in mind within a span of 15 seconds. The game allows for as many rounds as the players might want, and with the challenge being to write down what you think other players may think, you might be surprised to see how many people are insync with you. If you want something easier and for a younger audience, take a look at the Monopoly E8760000 Unicorns vs Llamas board game.


The double ditto party board game doesn’t come with too many things in its packaging. There’s only a set of 400 category cards, a 15-second timer, a score sheet and an instruction card – far less than what you’ll find with the Plan Games Azul Board Game. The questions you find in the category cards are also quite random and very interesting. You’ll find questions such as things on your dresser, milestones for teenagers, or animals that live in trees, so you can’t quite predict what kind of question you’re going to get.


We haven’t found any other family board game that is as suitable for large groups of people as double ditto is. The game can have more than ten people playing it, as long as everyone is able to hear what the playing cards read. Having won the child creatives award for game of the year, double ditto is one family board game that is quite popular throughout the world, and can be played amongst both adults and children. For those that would rather play the online version of a party board game, Ticket to Ride might be very interesting.

Inspiration Play Double Ditto Family Wrap Up

The double ditto board game is arguably the simplest one to play on our list, and the one that can accommodate the largest group of players as well. If it fits the bill for the kind of family board game you’re looking for, then you should go ahead and make an order for it on Amazon, and make sure to provide your active email address so that there’s proof of purchase in case the game arrives with problems and you need to raise a complaint.

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