InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Accent tables tend to go one of two ways: functional, but ugly or great craftsmanship but lacking functionality. The InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Top End Table falls somewhere in the middle, being both functional and gorgeous. With its nature aesthetic and glass tabletop, it’s the best accent table for those who want to steer away from typical end table designs. You probably also want to know how it compares with top-tier bedroom and sleeping products, to see if it’s a good investment for your bedroom.

Why We Like It – InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass

Add a bit of nature to your living room with this glass side table featuring a metal base in the shape of tree limbs, with a bird perching underneath. You may want to consider the Decor Therapy FR1566 table instead if your living room has limited space.

  • Unique design
  • Metal base is strong
  • Arrives assembled
  • Glass can be fragile
  • Limited tabletop space


Right away the InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Bird Table struck us with one major issue: it’s made of glass—the top is, to be specific. Glass is inherently fragile. It’s really nice on coffee tables and such, but it limits the kind of decorative things you can pair with it. Put something too heavy on top and you run the risk of breaking it. And if not, then you have to deal with scratches. Lastly, it doesn’t hold much to begin with, unlike all the shelves the Monarch Specialties I 2445 has to offer.


But we can’t deny that the InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Bird Table looks gorgeous. While the top is fragile glass, the base of the table is made of sturdy metal. More importantly, the base is designed to resemble tree branches, with a few metal leaves that jut out. Perched on one of these “branches” is a lovely bronze bird. It really brings the whole aesthetic together, one that any nature-lover would enjoy. It’s certainly more interesting to look at than a WE Furniture AZF18MWSTRO Table.


Is the InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Table With Bronze Bird worth its value? Yes and no. On one hand, it isn’t very functional. It doesn’t have a lot of space to use, and what little is there is given by a glass top, which is fragile and prone to shattering. On the other hand, it looks beautiful with the right furniture. The lack of functionality can be overlooked if you’re looking for a table that will only handle a small frame or two—a decorative table, in other words. Alternatively, the Decor Therapy FR1566 is a good option for budget, too.

InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Wrap Up

The InnerSpace Luxury Products Glass Table is, simply put: a work of art. The bronze bird perching atop the metal limbs of the base is a great touch. We only wish it were more functional. Given its limited use, but unique design, this table is purely for the sake of luxury.

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