Ink Cartridge Trick – Get More Ink Out of Ink Cartridges

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Updated November 19, 2022

The major disadvantage of using a top-rated inkjet printer is that the necessary ink cartridges deplete quickly and require numerous replacements. However, you can extend an ink cartridge’s life using several common methods.


  • Ink cartridges will issue a “low ink” warning well before depleting the cartridge.
  • You may be able to ignore these warnings for a while, so as to get more ink out of your cartridge.
  • Another option is the tape trick, which requires covering the cartridge’s ink sensor with tape.

Trick Ink Cartridges

As previously mentioned, a standard yield ink cartridge will print a maximum of 350 pages before needing to be replaced. Many studies have indicated that ink cartridges exclaim that they are near depletion when they have plenty of ink left. In some cases, the cartridge had up to 50 percent of its yield remaining. After you trick the ink cartilage into printing, first print a test print to see if the printout quality is still good.

A Useful Guide to Tricking Ink Printers

You can “trick” most ink cartridges into digging into their remaining yields and eliminate any warnings or notifications you may be experiencing. The process will differ depending on your printer and your ink cartridge, but here are some useful, universally acknowledged tips.

However, it’s harder to trick a chip printer that a third-party cartridge will work for that printer. When there is no chip on toner cartridges, and specific brands require them, it renders that cartridge useless to you.

In that case, you’ll want to get a printer with great print speed and a printer with multiple color usage instead, as well as one without the need for cartridge chips.

Ignore the Low Ink Warnings (For Now)

The easiest way to squeeze more life out of your ink printer cartridge is to ignore any low ink warnings you may receive. Many experts have suggested that these warnings are set in place in order to sell more ink cartridges, so you will likely be fine ignoring it for a while. Be sure to eventually replace the cartridge, however, as completely depleting an ink cartridge and then continuing to initiate print jobs can cause damage to your printer. You can perform a Google search of your actual ink cartridge to receive information as to the average yield, so you can act accordingly.

Insider Tip

The easiest way to squeeze more life out of your ink printer cartridge is to ignore any low ink warnings you may receive.

Check Your Actual Ink Levels

As previously stated, a printer will issue a “low ink” warning well before the ink is actually at critical levels. We recommend checking your ink levels to get more time out of your cartridge. Some printer driver software will be able to do this, but if your affiliated printer software does not show the actual ink levels, you may need to download a third-party application. Some operating systems will do this for you. The Mac OS, for instance, has an option in settings for users to check on their ink levels.

The Tape Trick

If you want to go broke when it comes to maximizing your ink output, you can always use the tape trick. The process here will vary depending on your cartridge, but it typically requires covering the ink sensor of the cartridge with tape. This will stop any “low ink” warnings and allow you to print until depletion. However, if you find that your ink cartridge is depleting ink at a higher rate, it is time to consider purchasing another printer.

Insider Tip

We recommend checking your ink levels to get more time out of your cartridge.


How much ink is there in compatible ink cartridges?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ink cartridges available for purchase. The ink levels will vary depending on the cartridge itself.

What causes a printer to be misaligned?

Occasionally, a printer will issue repeated low ink warnings due to misalignment. This misalignment is typically caused by an ink cartridge being inserted incorrectly.

How do I connect a printer to a Mac?

This depends on the kind of printer you have. Printers can connect via a physical cable, such as a USB cable, or wirelessly.

STAT: To save even more ink, download Ecofont –a font style that uses 20% less ink by including small white circles within each character. (source)

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