Volvo Debuts The Inflatable Car Seat


If you’re a parent, you are in for, among other things, a lot of hard labor. You will lift lots of surprisingly heavy things, sling heavy things over your shoulder… and lift in and out, in and out, the car seat, which gets old even if it’s a Batman car seat. Volvo has decided that just maybe, parents could use a break from the heavy lifting.

Baby Balloon

This isn’t new territory for Volvo. The company is infamously safety-obsessed, and that’s extended to designing car seats for infants and toddlers. And, obviously, people at Volvo reproduce, just like the rest of us. So when they started considering the safety seat, they came up with a few ideas to spare parents, especially around weight and space.

Pump It Up

Essentially, the rear-facing seat is designed to be simple to inflate and deflate. Without air, it folds into a backpack shape so parents can haul it through airports, across taxis, and elsewhere. When it comes time to actually inflate the seat, there’s a Bluetooth activated pump that gets the seat inflated in forty-seconds or so: No mess, no external pumping, nothing.

To answer the obvious question, Volvo uses a drop-stitch fabric from the boating industry that’s surprisingly damage resistant. Essentially, this seat won’t deflate or pop unless something has gone horribly wrong well outside the purview of a child seat’s abilities.

Fold And Haul


Sadly, this is just a concept for now, much like Volvo’s pedestrian airbag. Volvo claims that the seat goes above and beyond safety standards, but an inflatable car seat is obviously going to be a fairly hard sell for safety-obsessed parents. Still, it’s good to know that the people who build indestructible cars are working on a way to lift the burden from parents. And if nothing else, we’re hopeful that we’ll see this technology at some point, possibly incorporated into Volvo’s cars.

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