The Infinity Pillow Provides Endless Comfort Possibilities

Infinity Pillow

If you’re looking for a pillow that’s good for more than just resting your head on at night, then the Infinity Pillow is right up your alley. Fashioned after Huiz Design’s never-ending Möbius strip, the pillow can be used for a number things by just twisting it to fit your needs. You can use it as a desk pillow, a neck cushion for tired globetrotters, a noise-canceling pillow for when your roommate is being way too loud, a scarf for those cold winter mornings and so much more.


Just twist and contour to whatever shape you’d like in a matter of seconds! You can also use it as a foot warmer in winter! And the great thing about the Infinity Pillow is that you can use it literally anywhere – take it with you on trips or use it at home. It’s so lightweight that you can wrap it around your own bag or take it with you on the go in its custom-designed pillow case. And because everyone wants to be different, you can choose from six available colors. Each one is made from   100% bamboo fabric is is machine washable. It’ll keep you cool in summer and super warm in the winter for only $59.


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  1. i need to know how to order the infinity pillow that wraps around our neck, we saw it on kelly and michal.we want to order it,but cant get the price nore where to get you have a adress to veiew more info. i saw it on gadget reveiew.,

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