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Infinity Blade II “Vault of Tears” DLC Now Available

Graphically speaking, Infinity Blade was the game that set the benchmark when it comes the iPad’s graphical prowess.  And for those of you that invested in Infinity Blade II, you can now download the first of what should be many DLCs for the game, which mind you are completely free.

Called Vault of Fears, this DLC delivers a slew of new secrets, enemies, and items for you to collect.  To be more specific you’ll be able to dig further into the mysterious past of Siris; battle with new enemies that include Moss Golem, Lupun, Dark Fiend, Bog Giant, Acolyte and more; discover new items and rewards with the all new treasure map; collect an additional 50 items that range from rings to to weapons to shields to helmets and more; and additional surprises which are beyond our game playing knowledge.

If you don’t own Infinity Blade II you can buy it now for $2.99, $7 off the original price.  Furthermore, the developer, Chair, says there is another DLC already in the works.

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