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Infinity Blade Dungeons (video)





Infinity Blade set the iPad gaming world alight with its stunning graphics and game play that perfectly suited the 9.8-inch tablet.  Now, the company is set to release a prequel to the two part series called Dungeons, and based on this short video we’re gonna go ahead and assume it will be the most EPIC Infinity Blade to date.

If you don’t recall, late last year Epic Games released the second installment of the game, which added new fighting styles to the game, allowing you to pair weapon attacks with a variety of magic spells.  They also added a new slew of weapon classes alla Battlefield, enabling players to take on foes with the correct mix of weapons and armor.

While Dungeons isn’t a vast deparature from the hack and slash gameplay, the field of view has been changed to “top down” and puts you in control of  the apprentice to the Master of the Forge.  It’s not entirely clear how the game’s gameplay will shape up, but one thing is for sure: Infinity Blade Dungeons will take full advantage of the iPad 3’s retina display and graphical processing power.

Although no release date has been announced, Epic Games plans to launch versions for the iPad 2, iPhone 4s and iPod Touch.

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