InFamous: Second Son Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Infamous Second Son is the next generation of infamous games, taking place in modern day Seattle. This superhero game is unique, as the storyline is based on the fact that these superheroes are despised by modern society, creating an anti-hero approach to the story. Unlike the first two games, this version is packed with much more abilities to use on the enemies to create a variety of ways to conquer missions. While Infamous Second Son is an exciting adventure, if you’re fiending for another type of game, such as an rpg, try the transistor game from our best PS4 games. The action, adventure, and fun gameplay is why many fans consider Infamous Second Son as one the best video games on the PS4.

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Why We Like It – Infamous Second Son Review

Infamous second son is an exciting single player game that revolves around superheroes that are hunted by unified protection. This game beautifully encapsulates the city of Seattle through an expansive open world that can be severely altered based on our actions. This is a great game that features a variety of power ups and alternate endings which keep it unique to the player’s decisions during the game. This version is the best update yet compared to the previous games in terms of gameplay.

  • Customizable Skill Tree
  • Great Graphics
  • Alternate Storylines
  • Repetitive types of missions


This game performs well with the high performing consoles, so there is no significant delay to worry about. The game takes place in Seattle’s beautiful open world, where almost any of the infrastructure can be severely changed by the superpowers available. The game maintains a customizable skill tree that is fully controlled by the player to upgrade whatever skills they feel are most necessary to pass the game. Unlike previous infamous games, this version allows the players to alter their paths by making in-game decisions that affect the story.

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The game captures Seattle with beautiful life-like graphics. The open world style of the play allows gamers to follow the story mode, or explore around to see what goodies are stored in the midst of the city. A player can equip themselves with moves that they feel are necessary to use, making it a game that becomes unique to play based on the particular gamer’s skill tree. With all that being said, the game is surely to be entertaining as you maneuver your way through the storyline, and upgrade your powers as you please. This game is a good time for anyone that enjoys superheroes, but if aliens are more of your thing don’t hesitate to scope out other great games such as Destiny.

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While it may feature a repetitive style of missions, this game is interesting because of its freedom for you to choose what decisions you want to go through in the game. This elevates the standard morality in video games that it is essential to be a good guy, and maybe sometimes playing the villain is more fun. Either way it can be a fun experiment to play both sides of the story to see what are the outcomes on each path.

Infamous Second Son Review Wrap Up

Infamous Second Son Wrap Up
If you’re looking for an ecstatic superhero game where you can fully customize your heroes abilities, Infamous Second Son is the game for you. This single player adventure will have you all around the city taking down enemies, or playing the open world for any side missions to keep you entertained for hours. It is an interesting game because it allows you the choice to go down a path of evil or good.

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