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As number 5 in the best air blower buying guide, this Jastind air gun has a 21 inch extensible stainless steel air flow nozzle that helps the user blow away debris, dust, and more. When combined with air with pressure no higher than 185 psi, it can blow away blockage in small cracks and spaces.

Why We Like It – Industrial Extensible Compressor Accessories Gun Extended

This Industrial Extensible Compressor Accessories Gun Extended set can be used with a powerful air blower to blow away obstacles such as debris and dust. If users need help reaching hard to reach places, small spaces, and cleaning things that require more precision, the extendable nozzle can definitely help.

  • Completely made of metal
  • Can be available for free delivery
  • Safety certified
  • Can be dangerous when used if not properly assembled
  • Some parts are cheaper in quality
  • Not strong enough for leaf blowing


This high volume powerful industrial air blow gun utilizes high pressure air to clean away debris, smaller amounts of water, dust and various types of powder. Its maximum pressure is noticeably higher than the Jastind Professional Air Blower Gun, which has a maximum pressure of 110 psi. While both air guns can be used for the same applications, the swivelling air gun’s higher air pressure has a higher chance of blasting away tougher debris.


This air blower gun extended set is made of all metal material unlike the nozzle of the xpower airrow multi use electric computer duster, which is mostly composed of a type of plastic. It comes with an extendable air hose, giving the air gun the total size of 26 inches. The swivel storage hook feature rotates 360 degrees to provide a way to store the air gun easily and conveniently. All parts of this air gun have been designed to have decent sealing to avoid major air leaks. However, unlike the Max Storm 1/2 HP Durable Lightweight Air Blower, it can’t be used by itself.


It’s much cheaper than the worx wg520 turbine leaf blower, as it costs at least 4 times more than this air gun. However, customers should keep in mind that the reason this gun is much cheaper than that air blower is due to just being nozzle pneumatic air compressor accessories, and that a customer’s air blower of choice would have to be purchased separately. However, with it’s all metal construction, it should have less weak spots in comparison and should last for quite a while before it needs to be replaced.

Industrial Extensible Compressor Accessories Gun Extended Wrap Up

Many customer reviews have praised these accessories/ tool dust sets for their usefulness when dusting various devices with small spacing or intricate parts. This air gun has been used to dust refrigerator parts, mower parts, parts located under the hood of cars and the small spaces in between all of those machines.

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