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It isn’t uncommon for someone to have allergic reactions to common hair dye; there’s chemicals inside many of them that irritate the skin. But what if you had hair dye that was free of additives, something natural, raw, vegan, and cruelty-free? You’d have Indigo Powder, By The Henny Guys. If your skin is sensitive, this might be the best beard dye for you.

Why We Like It – Indigo Powder, By The Henna Guys

Made of nothing but Indigofera Tinctoria—otherwise known as indigo powder—this hair dye is free of additives, harmful chemicals, and is cruelty free.

  • Free of harmful additives
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Last several weeks between applications
  • Doesn’t work on gray hair
  • Lengthy process


Getting Henna Indigo Powder to adhere to hair dye color black hair, dark brown, and light brown isn’t going to be hard in most cases. Results vary person to person, but what’s consistent is having the dye sit in your hair longer will provide a better experience. It may take a few times using it, but the results are good nonetheless. When it does stick to your beard, it’ll last a solid 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how long you let the dye sit. However, when it comes to gray hair color, the dye does not stick. Unless you’re using pure Henna powder along with it, Indigo Powder won’t stick. If you aren’t allergic to Just Men Mustache Brush Packaging, go with that instead to rid your beard of greys.


Indigo Powder, By The Henna Guys isn’t your typical beard hair dye. In many cases, hair dye comes in a liquid; this is a powder that you must mix yourself. The process will be tedious. Once mixed, apply to your beard and wait 20 or more minutes. Thankfully, instructions on how much to use is on the back. What you’ll also find there is the number of ingredients used in this powder, which is one: indigo powder. It’s free of harmful additives, making it really good for individuals with sensitive skin. Our third entry, Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic follows much of that same philosophy.


For $12, considering the Indio Powder, By The Henna Guys’ performance and design, we would say that’s good value. If you use it on a thick beard, you’ll get at least three uses out of it, which keeps your beard dyed from between two to three months. That’s the smallest package, however. If you want to lengthen the dye, you should shoot for the bigger 500g pack. It will give you plenty to dye your hair and do touch-ups occasionally. Altneraigvely, you can try REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing for legendary touch-up results.

Indigo Powder, By The Henna Guys Wrap Up

Indigo Powder, By The Henna Guys does an admiral job of being a good alternative to chemically-filled beard hair dyes, but it comes at the cost of a lengthy process. Even worse, you have to go the extra mile with Henna powder if you want to color grey hair; otherwise it doesn’t work. It’s still far better on sensitive skin and you’ll get several weeks of use out of it before applying again.

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