Incase 13-inch Macbook Air Neoprene Sleeve Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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So here’s the deal.  You’ve got a new 13-inch Macbook Air.  You don’t wanna scratch it. You could opt for Incase’s Perforated case, which I just reviewed.  However, that case doesn’t really protect the svelte laptop from dings and drops, since it’s attached to its body and as a result doesn’t insulate it from the shock and vibration it might receive dare it take a tumble to the ground.  Alternatively, Incase makes a Neoprene sleeve for toting around the ultra slim computer. This laptop bag might be one of the best laptop bags on the market, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Aesthetically the sleeve is unremarkable.  It’s sewn together by what is surely a machine.  The stitching is tight and is surprisingly devoid of any blemishes or “mis-stitches.”  In other words it’s almost, well, perfect.

Incase 13 Neoprene Sleeve 06 650x487 1The textured spine provides added grip and protection – click to enlarge

The edge of the sleeve is finished with a “textured spine” that wraps its circumference. It’s soft and more supple than the sleeve’s Neoprene finish and does, as Incase suggests, provided some added grip when you’re carrying it in your hand.

The zipper of the sleeve stores in its own pocket, which is part of the spine.  This ensures that it remains zipped and your Macbook Air doesn’t fall out.  Hardly a feature I used, but it doesn’t seem to prevent any shortcomings, so have at it.

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The sleeve, while slim and a little light on the padding it will protect your Macbook Air from the occasional minute folly.  However, my intuition tells me (I didn’t test it) that if you dropped your Air to the floor, while in the sleeve, it would incur some damage.  How much I don’t know, but it’s not the same type of protection we’ve seen from Booq’s line of sleeves, which I reviewed a few years ago.  I’m not sure if its intended to be used for added protection, but the Neoprene sleeve shipped with a foam insert inside.  Leave it in there, like I did, and one side of your Air will enjoy some added protection.

Incase 13 Neoprene Sleeve 02 650x487 1Zipper and lining – click to enlarge

Bottom line is that Incase’s Neoprene Sleeve for the 13-inch Macbook Air provides adequate protection.  But as as a result of trying to maintain a minimalist presence, much like the Air, it’s limited and not ideal for someone that is tough on their gear during transport.

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You can buy the Incase 13-inch Macbook Air Neoprene Sleeve for $40.


  • Slim and light weight like the Macbook Air
  • Textured spin adds grip
  • Durable build and excellent stitching


  • Unremarkable finish and design
  • Pricey
  • Thin padding that will only protect from minor bumps

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