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In Case Of Survival Cases Will Keep You Safe From Monsters (Sort Of)

We never know what the future may hold, but if it involves zombies, vampires, werewolves or demons, In Case Of has you completely covered! Although we only see such ghastly figures in either movies or books, you really never know if it’s based on real creatures that just might take over the planet in the coming years. To help you sleep better at night and feel safer in the event of an attack from either of the aforementioned monsters, In Case Of has created four different product boxes filled with items that will help you defeat such horrifying figures.

Each “emergency cabinet” feature everything you need to kill a zombie, werewolf, demon or vampire, with no two cabinets the same. Thing included in some of the cases include shotguns, knives, bullets and even garlic for the vampire. So even though each of the cabinets feature things to combat a given monster, they’re actually for display only. But you never know, you just might have to break one open someday! Each case is $188.

In Case Of Zombie Kit

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