In Case of 8-Bit Emergency

While we’d like to hope that no explaination is needed, there might be a bit of confusion.  You see, this is actually a piece of art work.  It’s a one off piece and has already been sold.  It’s called “In Case Of 8-bit Emergency…”  Pretty fitting, wouldn’t you say?

If you look closely, the bullets are made of paper and appear in an 8-bit fashion as found in the NES game “Super Mario Bros”.  Unfortunately, the price has already been removed since the item has been bought.  But here’s hoping its designer, Straitwurly, is inspired enough to create another batch.  The only problem we foresee is that it might be difficult to get their hands on another set of Zappers.  However, we’d gladly settle for a version in which we could add our own.

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  1. I have a few old zappers, and can get a frame and some glass.  Hell, could use electrical tape for the letters and cut it out in blocks.  The bullets I think would be best made out of cut plastic though… no idea what kind of craft material might be right for that, but it’s worth a search.

    Yeah… gonna have to make this, thanks for the idea.

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