Imprint CumulusPRO Standing Desk Mat Review

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Updated August 30, 2022
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Standing desks have become the new hot must-have items for techies and Silicon Valley startups, with benefits like better posture, increased energy, and more calories burned it’s no wonder why. The Imprint CumulusPRO is what’s known as a standing desk mat, or a mat that’s designed to take some of the stress off your legs while standing in one spot for extended periods of time, even at the best standing desks. You can also read our list of the best standing desks.

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But what is it about how this mat is made that makes it so good for you? Read on in my Imprint CumulusPRO standing desk mat review to find out!


Price: $52.24 (20″ x 30″)
Available: Now

Summary: The Imprint CumulusPRO standing mat is a comfortable, sturdy mat that delivers on all of its promises with the help of a lifetime warranty.

What We Liked

  • Stable with weight applied
  • Comfortable for six hours of standing or more
  • Easy to move around
  • Lifetime warranty

Imprint CumulusPRO Standing Desk Mat Specs

 Imprint CumulusPRO Standing Desk Mat
 Imprint CumulusPRO Professional Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat
Mat Dimensions20″ x 30″
Other Sizes Available20×72
Thickness3/4 inches
Mat Colors AvailableBlack, Brown, Cappucino, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Natural
Weight5 pounds
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Imprint CumulusPRO
Imprint has released several different unique designs that you can custom tailor to your office aesthetic

The Imprint CumulusPRO comes in two different sizes: 20 x 30 x 3/4 inches, and 20″ x 72″ (also 3/4″ thick). The rounded edges of the 20″ x 30″ model we tested made it easy for us to move around the mat while we weren’t on it, but the material underneath kept it gripped to the hardwood once we were actually standing on it. If you need to create an adjustable height standing desk, feel free to open our Fully Cooper standing desk converter review.

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The rubberized mats I spent thousands of hours on during my time as a line cook are built from many of the same polyurethane materials found in the Imprint CumulusPRO, and like those, the CumulusPRO is also immune to punctures, burns, or abrasions.

Unlike those black-only mats though, Imprint offers a few different varieties of mats which include ornately designed brown mats, natural weave beige mats, and textured options colored with what the company calls “cocoa”. Our model was colored in the plain black option, which actually looked great against the backdrop of the black hardwood floor. You can also read our guide to working ergonomic standing desk mats if you’re unsure how to use one.


Imprint CumulusPRO
The CumulusPRO held up under all heavy use conditions and prevented pain in my knees, back, and neck throughout most of the day

I tested as close as I could get to an equal amount of time in different types of shoes (Converse All-Stars and a pair of Brooks Transcend 3), as well as around ten hours on my feet in socks alone.

As was the case back in my kitchen days, having these kinds of bouncy, extra-comfortable materials underneath your feet are almost vital if you plan for standing for six hours or more. I know it can be done otherwise, but this is the only way I’d ever want to do it when compared

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I don’t have any carpet at my apartment, but I did stack four towels underneath the mat to simulate how it might feel in that use case. Many people think that having something soft to stand on would help, but there’s a specific hardness rating that hits a sweet spot between not too firm and still supportive. Overall the cushioning wasn’t much better or worse than on hardwood, but still kept my feet and knees in good shape up to the six hour mark and beyond.


As someone with a height of 6’0, I found the $52 20″ x 30″ model we tested still had plenty of space left over on both sides when I was in a wide stance, and would also be comfortable to move around on in or dance a little bit in case my legs got restless. That said I could still see where the $99 20″ x 72″ could have its applications as well, especially if you work at a desk with an L-shape and find yourself walking between the two spaces often.

Compared to the $119 Topo mat which only covers a space of 26.5″ x 29″, it’s obvious that the CumulusPRO is already one of the best values in standing mats, but it gets even better when you see the warranty attached.

Imprint offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products, which means that if you ever feel like your mat is losing its springy cushion or isn’t staying put because the material on the bottom is worn down, Imprint will send you a new unit free with no questions asked.

Wrap Up

Although I’ve only been using the Imprint CumulusPRO standing mat for a little over a month, I’m no stranger to the perils one faces at a job where they’re standing for hours at a time.

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While I was a line cook I would spend anywhere between 8 – 18 hours a day on my feet, and relied on strong rubber mats/Birki’s clogs to get my body through the job. In kitchens, you prep on your feet, cook on your feet, and even take “breaks” on your feet, which usually just consisted of shovelling as much food into yourself as you can in five minutes or less.

Point is: I know what a good mat feels like because I’ve stood on some of the best for dozens of hours at a time, and the CumulusPRO definitely does everything it needs to and so much more. If you’re someone who experiences back, knee, or ankle pain as a result of standing at a desk for six or more hours a day, this mat is definitely worth a second look.

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