Impossible Is An Electric Bike That Fits Into A Backpack

If you read the headline and shook your at at the possibility that an electric bike could even fit in a backpack, you’d be surprised that Impossible Technology has made that unfathomable thought a reality.

Lightweight and Compact

impossible bike

To create an electric bike that can be transported anywhere in a backpack, the design needed to be lightweight and compact, so instead of a single horizontal girder, its creators decided to go with a circular design for the frame. This allows the bike to spread the weight equally across the frame. Also, the seat and the handle bars are at the same height so that the front and back wheels could bear the weight of the rider equally. To also help it be super light to carry, it’s constructed using carbon fiber.

Riding Saddle = Carrying Case

To save space, the carrying case is actually the riding saddle, so while folded, the NeverWet-coated carrying case keeps the bike and its charger clean and ready to use after being stored in your backpack.

Lightweight Motor

Powering the bike is a disc motor that’s lightweight but still powerful with ten 2900mAh 10A 3.6V 44g batteries, which is enough power to let you go for 45 minutes on and reach 12.4 mph, or at normal speed for up to 15.6 miles.

Riding Is A Breeze

impossible bike

Riding the Impossible bike is super easy and all you have to do is point the front wheel in the direction of travel and go! There’s no need to pedal like a normal bike.

Folding and Unfolding Is Easy

impossible bike

To unfold the bike, just unlock it, combine the front and rear, pull out the handle bars and seat and then put in place and lock. To fold, do the same steps in reverse.

The bike is currently a Kickstarter campaign an pledge $430 to be one of the first to get an all-white or black Impossible bike with charger.

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