IllumiBowl Night Light: Never Miss Again

Getting a good nights sleep isn’t just about sleeping through the night.  It’s – at least in this case – all about not peeing all over the bathroom.  Men, you know what I’m talking about.  You stumble foggy eyed to the porcelain receptacle, do your business and awake the next morning to find a less than girlfriend friendly scenario.  No more!

Illumibowl Night Light
The Illumibowl Night Light installs thanks to a set of suction cups.

The IllumiBowl Night Light, one of many bathroom gadgets, does exactly what is sounds like it does: it lights up the bowl so you don’t miss.  And best of all, aside from the fact it can illuminate in 8 different colors (Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, White), is that it is 100% motion activated.  The makers say it won’t light up unless the bathroom is dark, which is perfect, because turning on illumination at 3 in the morning is the last thing I want when I’m half awake.

The IllumiBowl Night Light installs with ease; it’s a simple place and stick affair thanks to a set of suction cups.  Cleaning is probably no the most fun of experiences compared to other appliances, but they say you can simply wipe it down, though odds are most of us will just leave it until the batteries die.

Illumibowl Night Light
The Illumibowl Night Light glows in 8 different colors.

You can have your very own IllumiBowl Night Light for the price of $19.99, which is apparently a $5 discount compared to the original price.

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