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iLiving ILG8E18 Wall Mounted Fans features two pull chains for optimal air flow and oscillating head control. The fan is meant to be used outdoors, but can be used indoors as well. Just be aware that there won’t be an exhaust because of the lack of need to pull in air while outside. Check out our best wall mount fan and best outdoor floor fan for more!

Why We Like It – iLIVING ILG8E18 Wall Mount Fan

The iLIVING ILG8E18 Wall Mount Fan features three 18” curved blades for better air circulation outdoors. It has three speed settings, again for better air circulation while outside, and is weather proof to the point where rain won’t be doing any damage to it. These are the fans walls, especially outdoor walls, appreciate.

  • Two Pull Chains
  • Fully Sealed Motor
  • Optional Misting Feature
  • No Db Levels
  • No Exhaust


The iLiving ILG8E18 Wall Mount Outdoor Fan comes with three speed settings from low to high velocity. Unfortunately, it’s not really an exhaust fan as it’s designed to be used outside, and what kind of air do you need to pull in from outside. If you need a wall fan, or just a regular fan, with exhaust, try the SPT SF-16W81.


The iLiving ILG8E18 Outdoor Wall Fan comes equipped with 3 18 inch curved fan blades for optimal air movement. Considering you’ll be outside contending with the elements, good air movement is essential. The iLiving Fan also comes with two pull chains for both oscillating head control and speed control like the Lorell LLR49256 and many other fans in its class.

Noise/Sound Level

The iLiving ILG8E18 Outdoor Waterproof Fan is yet another fan that doesn’t give any dB levels on their product page. It’s fine, we’ve come to expect it. Looking at customer reviews then, we find that many customers are not only very satisfied with how powerful the fan is even on low, but how little noise it makes on high too. Perfect for still being able to hear the songs of nature. Use it indoor outdoor to your heart’s content.

Versatility/Modern Features

The iLiving ILG8E18 Oscillating Wall Mount Kit is Weather Proof IPX4 which means it can withstand splashing water from all directions. So as long as there isn’t a hurricane outside your fan will be able to withstand some rain. You won’t need to worry about leaving it outside. But like many other fans, black is the only color it comes in. Try the Hurricane HGC736503if you’d like a white fan.


iLiving ILG8E18 18 inch Wall Mount Outdoor Ceiling Fans are heavy duty and come with a sealed motor that’s also perpetually lubricated. And although it must be purchased separately, it also comes with a mist cooling kit that will allow you to cool off even more. Especially in the summer, this is going to save you a lot of headache and sweat.

iLIVING ILG8E18 Wall Mount Fan Wrap Up

The iLiving ILG8E18 Fan Misting Kit Wall contains a heavy-duty, fully sealed motor that’s constantly lubricated so it won’t break down and leave you stranded in the summer heat. The optional misting feature is a nice touch you don’t normally get to see, but we wish some concrete noise levels were provided.

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