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iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Review

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The iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is a multipurpose shutter exhaust fan built to provide ventilation and cooling to hot, stuffy rooms; in particular, this is one of the best exhaust fans for kitchen use thanks to its size. So, it’s certainly not the best window fan for smoking. Wall-mounted and possessing a permanently-lubricated motor for easy maintenance, this highly functional fan features an automatic shutter and variable speed for top-class protection and performance. It comes in different sizes for different markets, but this review is focused specifically on the 10” model.

Why We Like It – iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

The iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is a solid 10-inch variable speed shutter exhaust fan for cooling warm locales that lack air conditioning, suitable for places like greenhouses or garages. It’s not quite a whole-house fan, but it does the trick for a single room. Though it requires some mechanical know-how to set up and an additional accessory for full functionality, once you get it up and running properly you’re good to go for a well-ventilated room that would otherwise be unbearable during warm weather. It’s also a solid kitchen fan, capable of venting heat and exhausting smoke from dishes that would otherwise stink up a room as they cook.

  • Strong performance
  • Near-silent operation
  • Small size
  • Difficult to install
  • Louvers don’t close when the fan is turned off

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The iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is a solid performer, particularly when paired with the iLIVINGILG8SFSC speed controller to enable variable speed control. This small-speed shutter exhaust fan does a respectable job of venting excess heat despite its size, all while operating silently and effectively. With the aforementioned add-on, its speed is controllable, giving it strong versatility that allows it to fit a great number of environments. Without the add-on, you lose out on variable speed, but it still does its job well enough without it. Furthermore, it pushes more air than the Hon&Guan 6 Inches Exhaust Fan, though it costs almost twice as much.


Made of galvanized steel and powered by an OSHA-compliant wire, the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is a well-built, durable shutter fan that’s well-suited for tough outdoor environments. It has shutters attached to protect it from the elements, helping to prevent it from rusting and allowing it to better withstand moisture and heat. It does have one issue though–it’s not airtight when it’s turned off, which makes it a potential detriment in the winter if you can’t work around the added draft.

Noise/Sound level

The fan operates extremely silently, making its performance all the more impressive. While it does run hot during extended use, noise isn’t an issue on it at all, making it a good fit for any room that needs exhaust and ventilation. It’s especially fit for any warm locale that’s noise-sensitive. It runs quieter and pushes more air than both the Broan 512M and the Hon&Guan 6 Inches Exhaust Fan, making it better for any use case where noise matters or you need a lot of air pushed. Its low noise makes it great for kitchen use; it won’t interfere with your ability to hear timers and alarms, and it pushes enough air to still do its job despite its silence.

Versatility/Modern features

Thanks to its small frame, the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is a very versatile exhaust fan that fits in a great number of rooms. It works for both home and work use, capable of cooling rooms such as attics and garages, alongside buildings such as greenhouses and sheds that lack air conditioning and retain heat. Since it blows air outside, it also doubles as a dust and particle filter of sorts, though you probably shouldn’t rely on it as your sole filtration system if you’re using it in a room where there’ll be a lot of particles.

The Bionaire Window Fan is better compared to the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan when it doesn’t have the optional speed controller, as it works better as a cooler, is easier to install, and has dedicated speed settings; with the speed control accessory, however, iLiving’s option is the better buy in most scenarios.


Coming in at $95, the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan provides solid value for its target market–people looking for a small, quiet, reliable fan to provide ventilation and cooling to a hot room. More effective, expensive models exist, but its small size and quiet operation make it an excellent fit for any room small enough (or compact enough) to take advantage of its small size. All three of its competitors–which you can read about in our Hon&Guan 6 Inches Exhaust Fan review, MaxxAir IF14UPS review, and Hurricane HGC736503 review–provide better value given they’re half the cost and don’t need accessories for their full functionality but they run louder and aren’t as good overall at cooling a room in exchange.

iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Wrap-up

The iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is a solid exhaust fan, despite some minor quirks. If you’re mechanically savvy enough to install it, it’s well worth the purchase if you require an affordable way to cool a hot building or room in the summer, or if you need extra ventilation in a room. If you’re not mechanically savvy or you need something larger, look elsewhere, but if you need a small, reliable exhaust fan, you can’t go wrong with what iLiving has to offer here. But, for a small travel fan, check out our OPOLAR portable fan review.