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Updated June 27, 2022
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Most of the Best GPS Tracker apps available that are popular don’t have a free tier. However, the iKeyMonitor does have a free tier that is full of different features. That’s why it could be one of the Best GPS Phone Tracker apps available.

Why We Like It – iKeyMonitor

Most brands focus on making monitoring apps for cell phones due to their massive popularity throughout the last decade. But the iKeyMonitor is probably one of the few parental control apps available out there that is compatible with Android devices, Apple devices, and PCs.

  • Both iOS and iPad OS supported (iPhone iPad)
  • Parental controls activated
  • Able to keep track of GPS location
  • The cell phone spy app is not available on the official App Store or Google Play Store


For parental control & tracking requirements, this app works very well. The free tier really gives you pretty much all you need. The free version can even keep track of text messages, something that we don’t see often. However, according to most iKeyMonitor reviews, the performance impact on low powered devices is a bit too much to look past. If you want something that is somewhat lighter on your hardware, go for the Cocospy cell phone app instead.


We already mentioned that the app iKeyMonitor is pretty heavy on older hardware. So running it in the background all the time will obviously come with battery life degradation of your cell phone. The Glympse spy monitoring app is miles better in this aspect.

Ease Of Use

This spy app is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to use. But then again, you do have a 30 days return policy if you can’t use it to its fullest, depending on your device. But the fact that the monitoring app isn’t available from official channels like the Google Play Store or the App Store isn’t going to sit right with a lot of people. In that case, you can install Life360 GPS Tracker.


There haven’t been any big reports from iKeyMonitor about any data breach, pretty much ever. Still, the fact that you’re logging the data of another device with consent doesn’t mean that data stays only between you and the device’s user.


Even with all the extra features, at $29.16 per month, the monthly charges of this GPS tracker spy app is excessive at best. And if you’re just getting this to locate your phone in case it gets stolen, you’re covered on that front for free from the very beginning. Both Google and Apple provide excellent location tracking for your devices where they were used. Even if that fails, IMEI numbers are a thing nowadays with smartphones.

iKeyMonitor Wrap Up

All in all, the iKeyMonitor cell phone spy app is a decent entry into the parental control app market. But, advancements both in the Android and iOS space in terms of built-in functionalities do hurt the overall demand for these kinds of tracking apps.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image