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Watch Hypnotist Justin Tranz Hypnotize One Unsuspecting Couple (video/sponsored)

IKEA has teamed with hypnotist Justin Tranz for a mesmerizing promotion that can only be described as a mental mic-drop of surreal proportions. The focus of this new spellbinding feat is to illustrate how well IKEA has everything one would need. Hell, IKEA even has the things you need when your over-entitled daughter throws a hissy fit on her 12th birthday. Or even when she decided to jet off to India at the age of 18 with her Yoga instructor. How do we know they do? Watch as Justin hypnotizes a couple into thinking they’re those exact parents with that exact kid.

Justin Tranz is a world-renowned hypnotist with 40-plus years of experience hypnotizing people. From great to another, even Muhammad Ali called Justin, “The Greatest Hypnotist Of All”. He’s done well over 6,000 live performances and has had more than 150,000 people fall under his hypnotic grasp. His powers over one’s perception have helped individuals lose weight, quit smoking and achieve seemingly impossible goals. Tranz has being described as a “Health Hypnotist” for good reason. He himself used hypnosis to help rid himself of his stuttering after speech pathologist had given up on him.

Checkout Justin and IKEA as they demonstrate a wealth of solutions the decor giant has for all facets of home living.

This post is proudly sponsored by IKEA.

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