The IKEA Dioder Is An LED Drawer Light That Flips On When You Need It

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Updated June 27, 2022


There’s a lot to hate about IKEA. It’s not an idle joke on 30 Rock that IKEA can break up couples: I have literally seen a relationship fall apart in a garage, the smell of meatballs mixing with SUV exhaust as the screaming over how to fit a flat-pack armoire hit a fever pitch. That’s why I buy this stuff online, and the next thing I’m buying is the Dioder. These are the best-LED strip lights to use to light this drawer. Once you’ve got this drawer light for aesthetic, you might also want to read our Serena Shades by Lutron Electronics review for your shades.

Despite sounding like a joke Spider-Man villain of Gerry Conway vintage, the Dioder is actually a small, battery-powered LED light. It’s designed to slot into the top of your drawer, just underneath where it meets the frame. So, if you need to see something in a drawer, you literally just open it up, and the Dioder flicks on, sparing you the trouble of having to root through a drawer to find that damn screwdriver. Unlike the best warm white LED strip lights, this will be super easy to place in your home.

It doesn’t have to be put in a drawer, of course; IKEA notes you can put it pretty much anywhere you want, provided you flick off the switch or are willing to change the batteries. It seems fairly ideal to put in any small, cramped, dark space that you might need a little light to get around in. And instead of just regular old bright white light, try customizing your lighting with color and control lighting wirelessly with your phone using the Kick Light.

The one concern is the batteries, because from the looks of things, this requires AAs and will eat a lot of them: IKEA doesn’t say precisely how many are needed, but recommends picking up a six-pack. That’s mitigated somewhat by the fact that LEDs offer a lot of light relative to the power that they eat; even cheap batteries from the gas station will likely last a long time in the Dioder. Still, if you’re trying to cut down on battery usage, make note. And as technology in lighting advances, Philips announces a new hue wifi light bulb for recessed lighting.


They’re $15 a pop, so pick up a few the next time you’re at IKEA. Or, you know, save your relationship and order online.

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