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Paint The Night With Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System (video)

Light up kicks aren’t just for kids anymore! Yup, you too can light up the night with some LED shoes with ThinkGeek’s Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System that brings the dance floor to your feet! The set of programmable light strips for your shoes will make your current footwear so much more awesome that even kids will be jealous of your jazzy kicks. They’re designed to pulse ad fade to your step, creating a unique light show based on your movement. All you have to do is attach them to your sneakers, choose from a variety of color combos and the flashy effects via the included remote control and your’e all set!

light kicks

They’re perfect for when you have special occasions or even when you’re just out that grocery store. Light show variations include: constant on, flash, strobe fade and smooth. There’s 16 different vibrant colors to choose from and you can adjust their brightness as you see fit. You can add them to just about any pair of shoes just as long as their 4″+ wide with at least 3″ of lacing on the front. The lights will also automatically turn off after two minutes if you don’t move. Add some life to your shoes for only $39.99.

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