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iFixit Dismantles the 2015 Macbook to Find Tricky Design

The iFixit team has tackled its latest dismantling project, this time turning toward the new MacBook.

If you are unfamiliar with these take-apart videos, it’s not just idle curiosity. Taking apart the MacBook can give valuable clues about how Apple has redesigned its laptop, and offer valuable insight for those looking to make their own repairs or troubleshoot a hardware problem.

Unfortunately, the latest Macbook has a lot of bad news for DIY computer fans. Apple loves to announce slimmer and slimmer models with every update, but all this compression comes at a cost. The current Macbook is 0.52 inches at its very thickest, and weighs only 2.03 pounds, which is great if you want to tote it around without inconvenience, but less great for at-home tinkering. If you’ve followed the way that Apple is manufacturing its iPads, you probably already have a good idea what to expect with the latest Macbook models. They use a whole lot of glue to fasten everything together, foregoing separation and stacking components as much as possible.

This is all bad news for making repairs. The battery appears to be glued permanently to the case, giving few alternatives if it fails. The USB port takes some series, delicate work to reach. iFixit did a great job of dismantling and exploring all the parts, but it’s not something that you would want to try at home.

In other words, if something goes wrong with your 2015 Macbook, just take it into the Apple technicians who are trained to deal with problems…and even then expect that there will be some things that are more difficult to repair or replace. And if you really can’t get enough of your Apple innards, then take a look at the video and explanations that iFixit provides to find out what the Taptic Engine looks like, how the dielectric coating helps create internal antennas, and much more.

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