Answer The Door From your Smartphone With The iDoorCam (video)

Are you too lazy to get up from what your’e doing to go check out who’s at the door whenever the doorbell rings or there’s a knock? If you are, this indiegogo project is just for your lazy ass then! The iDoorCam is essentially a WiFi-enabled doorbell that allows you to see, hear and speak to whoever is at your door via your smartphone. The device connects to your own WiFi and will alert you when someone rings your doorbell so you don’t have to get up. Users can ignore the call if they want to or answer it to see, hear and speak with the visitor at your door. They can hear you while you can see and hear them, making it a great device to screen your guests (i.e. unwanted friends and in-laws).

The app features a do not disturb mode for quiet time; auto-scaling that adjusts the feed depending on your connection speed; multiple users so you can add a number of family  members and select which devices they see; and on-demand access. The iDoorCam works with the digital doorbell that features a camera that your visitor rings. This is then connected to your home WIFI and the signal is sent to the cell tower then right down to your device. Its infrared technology lets you see at night and its design is minimal yet stylish. Installation is super easy and it can be installed on a number of surfaces like metal, wood, stucco and more.  Pledge $127 or more to get yours!


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