Grill A Perfect Steak With iDevices iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer

iDevices iGrill Thermometer

Let’s face it, all me should know how to do two things in life: tie a tie and grill a bomb ass steak! While there’s no robot that’ll tie your ties for you (not yet at least, but you can learn everything via YouTube videos), at least there’s the iDevices iGrill Thermometer to help in all your grilling endeavors. What’s great about the mini thermometer is that it features a 150′ Bluetooth range so that you can easily check on your slabs of meat on your phone while chilling in the house, watching your team beat the crap out of their rivals. With 150 hours of batter life, you can grill up a storm this summer!

iDevices iGrill Thermometer

The device also has about a dozen of preset temperature alarms built-in or you can easily create your own in the iDevices Conneted app based on what you’re cooking, grilling or smoking. The Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer also features a temperature LED indicator so you know when it’s cooked perfectly, a magnetic mounting and two viewing angle position. It’s literally the ultimate gadget for any grill master and the perfect gift for dad this coming Father’s Day. It works with  iPhone 4S and up, iPad mini, iPad 3 and up and iPod touch 5. Get it now on Amazon for $39.99.

iDevices iGrill Thermometer

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