You can choose from all kinds of security systems these days, but if you are looking to just get started with home security for the first time, you might want to start with something like this Ideal Security Wireless Motion Sensor Starter Package.

Keep Your Home Secure

This is an economical way to begin to outfit your house and make it more secure. You can use wireless motion detectors in all sorts of ways. The way that they work is very simple. The motion detector sends a signal to the receiver to alert you of movement. The range from sensor to receiver is up to 180 ft. The motion detector range is up to 26 ft.

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Since motion detectors are very versatile, they are a great way to keep your home safer. You can use them to monitor your front door, driveway, backyard, shed and other outbuildings fence and much more. You’ll be alerted to movement by one of 6 chime sounds. You could also use it near your swimming pool for added child safety. Or to monitor elders.

Both homes and businesses can benefit from this starter pack. It allows you to easily monitor the entrance to a store, restaurant, reception or lobby. This set comes with 3 x “C” batteries for the alarm, 2 x 9V for the motion sensors, and 2 CR2032 for the remote controls, so you can get it up and running the minute you receive it. You can’t say that about most home sensors or alarms.

Ideal Security Wireless Motion Sensor Starter Package
This starter pack has you covered.

A Versatile Motion Sensor System

The receiver can be mounted on a wall but is also portable, so you can move it around as needed. You can use the remote control to arm and disarm the system at any time. You also have the option to use the remote control panic button to warn people or scare them away. You get 6 sensors including remote controls and the set can be expanded with up to 2 additional wireless sensors. This starter kit makes  home automation easy.

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