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Cobra iRadar Detector Works With Your iApple (update)

UPDATE. You are looking for the best cobra radar detector to keep yourself out of trouble. This may be it. If you can’t yet afford a system that checks you’re awake at the wheel, driving way above the speed limit will hopefully stave off the sleep demons.

And because you don’t want to stop and collect a ticket every time someone turns on a police radar, the Cobra has thought of combining their radar detection technology with the computing power and usability of the iPhone.

Cue the Cobra iRadar, a radar detection system so powerful it declares its own existence. Cobra says the iRadar connects to the iPhone through Bluetooth and displays  radar alerts, control settings, log alert history, and warnings about the malevolent speed and redlight cameras that lie ahead.

The hardware unit, also sentient, is known as iRadar and provides 360 degree detection for all radar and laser guns. The pair of them, the app and the hardware, cost $169.95.

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I take this opportunity to thank Apple for literally giving life to thousands of gadgets by starting the ‘iDevice’ craze. I wonder what happens after we’ve added ‘i’ to every word there is…


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