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The iClever BK03 is a folding Bluetooth keyboard and is one of the best wireless keyboards in terms of portability. Once the keyboard is folded, it can even be placed in your pocket. It features Bluetooth connectivity and also comes with function keys that are included with the number keys.

Why We Like It – iClever BK03

This Bluetooth keyboard from iClever is super compact and portable thanks to the tri-fold design. It uses Bluetooth 5.1 Broadcom chip for connectivity and delivers up to 10 meters of range. The in-built rechargeable battery takes about two hours to charge and can last up to 4 days.

  • Foldable design
  • Compact
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Confusing number keys placement


The iClever IC BK03 wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth for connectivity and features the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology. It is equipped with a Broadcom chipset that delivers seamless connection with multiple devices and offers great range. You can expect up to 10 meters of range from the keyboard. The internal rechargeable battery also works great and can last up to 4 days on a single charge. If you prefer a non-foldable design, then try the Logitech K400 Plus, which comes with a touchpad.


The IC BK03 from iClever is extremely popular for its design. This wireless keyboard features a three fold design that has been tested over 1000 times and is durable. It gets an ergonomic design and is a great travel keyboard. The base is made from aircraft grade premium aluminium alloy for improved durability. When folded, the keyboard will automatically power off and conserve battery. Another super portable and Bluetooth supported wireless keyboard to check out is the Rii i4 Mini.


This wireless keyboard is excellent value for money, especially due to its design. The folding mechanism makes it extremely compact and easy to carry. The Bluetooth connectivity means that it will work well with Android iOS and other operating systems. It also supports three device multi connectivity. The keyboard features a rechargeable lithium battery as well, which can provide several days of usage. If you want a standard wireless keyboard with backlit keys, then you should try the Arteck HB030B Slim.

iClever BK03 Wrap Up

The iClever IC BK03 Bluetooth keyboard features a foldable design that makes it ultra compact, and protects it from dirt and scratches when not in use. The in-built rechargeable battery offers up to 4 days of usage and can be charged quickly. The only gripe with this keyboard is that the number keys and function keys are on the same row, which can be an issue for some.

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