Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies’ i-H2GO isn’t your average toy car! Instead it’s said to be the world’s most technologically advanced toy car that redefines what you think of a normal RC car. Long gone are RC control units that require extra batteries since this toy car uses your phone or tablet to control it via its free app. If you don’t need all the tech, take a look at our Mattel Hot Wheels car maker playset review. Right now it’s compatible with iOS and will soon be made available for Android devices. If you prefer robotic devices that can fly, take a look at our Swann Sky Duel Helicopters review. The i-H2GO also features the world’s first gyroscopic steering system, which is a new concept in an RC. You can use the buttons to go left, right, forward and back or old the handset in the air like a real steering wheel. With a speed lock function, you can maintain the speed level and liberate your finger from the acceleration button on  your phone so that it stays on cruise control the entire time. This could be a contender for our best RC cars for kids list. If you prefer a toy that flies, you might also want to read our review of the SmartPlane: an RC plane controlled by your iPhone S5.

The i-H2GO is made from advanced level engineering and features a real-working miniaturized hydrogen fuel cell so it doesn’t need any batteries at all and features aUSB or solar-powred hydrogen generation a convenient smartphone with Gyro steering capabilities, making for hours of fun for the entire family! Its refueling station electrolyzes water, separating it into its tow main constituents, hydrogen and oxygen. Then o2 is released into the ambient air, forming bubbles you can see being released from the water tank, while converting hydrogen to electrons using the fuel cell inside of the i-H2GO. The fuel cell will then operate the opposite process (to combine hydrogen and oxygen from what’s in the air) into water, which then produces electricity that powers the toy car’s motor. And its plunger lifts as hydrogen is filled inside its temporary hold for one quick pump action to refuel the i-H2GO. And don’t worry if the sun isn’t out, since you can easily plug the refueling station into your laptop to charge it up in no time. If you kid loves this toy, you might also want to read our Dexim AppSpeed truck review. Get your own i-H2GO for $179.99.

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