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Hypermac External Batteries Now iPad Compatible

Hypermac iPad

Hypermac, who makes some beefy external batteries for all things Apple portable, has updated their Hypermac batteries to work with the iPad.

Here is how it breaks down:

  • MBP-060: 34 hours ($200)
  • MBP-100: 50 hours ($300)
  • MBP-150: 70 hours ($400)
  • MBP-222: 98.8 hours ($500)

So for $500 you can travel the globe twice and still have some battery juice left over.


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  1. HyperMac, suppliers of Apple-related battery products, pissed off the Cupertino Goliath awhile back for selling modified MacBook Magsafe cables with their external batteries. … The second product is a DIY kit that lets you turn your Magsafe cable into one compatible with Hypermac batteries. It more or less functions in the same manner as before, but they circumvent their previous patent infringement troubles by not selling the Magsafe connector, and instead just giving …

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