Hyperglide Razors Provide “World’s Best Shave”

Hyperglide razor

King of Shaves wants you to have the “World’s Best Shave” with their new Hyperglide System Razors that features a unique patented superhydrophilic self-lubricating cartridge, which creates its own HydroGel when water hits it to deliver an amazing shave glide that’s comfortable and close. All you have to do is add water for an all-over glide shave since the cartridges feature a redesigned open architecture 5-blade rack to minimize clogging, as well as narrower blades for increased shave precision and comfort. You can easily style sideburns, beards, goatees and more with the redesigned cartridge. But the new razor also feature a new patented 1-push cartridge release button that allows you to easily ping off the old now and click in a new one. The handle’s non-slip ergonomic grip along with their Bendology Technology active flex hinge will hold the Hyperglide razor agains your skin for a super close shave! The system retails fro 9.99 pounds (about $16 with today’s current exchange rate), with 3-pack replacement cartridges the same price.

Kristie Bertucci

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