This could be right up there with the best external hard drives.

So you’ve got the 64GB iPad, but that’s hardly enough to carry all your photos and music when on the go. What’s an early adopter like you to do? Simple, pick up a HyperDrive. It’s a 3.2-inch touchscreen device that reads 12 memory card types and lets you transfer data back and forth to the iPad. Also check out the best external hard drive for Mac you can buy if you are a Mac user.

They start at $249 (no hard drive included) and go all the way up to $599 (750GB).  The $249 version is ‘casing only’, which means you’ll need to install your own 2.5-inch SATA hard drive.  They say the battery, which is some sort of generic Lithium-ion laptop battery, has a single charge life that will let you back up 250GB of data. You may also want to take a look at the best external SSD for extra space for your iPad.

Keep in mind you can also transfer images, music and any files stored on a memory card to the HyperDrive.  So if you travel and take an ass load of photos this could be a great solution.  It also supports hard drive partitions for different format support, has a wide variety of options and in case you’re wondering it connects over USB 2.0.


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