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If your garage houses the Best Electric Bike, perhaps more than one, and you have an RV, then the best Bike Rack for Electric Bikes might be the Hyperax Electric Bike Rack. It’s approved for installation on RVs. And with its higher load capacity, it better accommodates heavier electric bikes.

Why We Like It – Hyperax Electric Bike Rack

Being made of tough, high carbon steel, the Hyperax Electric Bike Rack is strong in performance and design. It’s RV approved and handles 140 lbs, making it far more accommodating to heavier bikes, like fat tires and e-bikes.

  • RV approved hitch rack
  • 140 lbs load capacity
  • Dual key locks
  • Step-thru bikes need an adapter
  • Uses velcro straps to secure bikes

Durability & Build Quality

The Hyperax Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Carrier scraps the use of aluminum for high carbon steel. This does add extra weight to the hitch bike carrier but offers far superior strength. It has a slightly above average load capacity than other e-bike racks in comparison. With 140 lbs available, that’s 70 lbs per bike. If you are tech-savvy and want an app-based electric bike conversion kit, try the GRM iMortor 3.0.


Despite the Hyperax Electric Bike Rack being able to carry two bikes, it doesn’t hinder cargo access. Its versatility is fairly wide, thanks to its higher load capacity, which better accommodates electric bikes. It’s 5-inch fat tires compatible, so fat bikes electric mountain bikes road bikes are welcomed, limited by only a 58-inch wheelbase and adjustable wheel holders. However, an adapter might be needed for step-thru bikes. Is it hauling four bikes? The Thule T2 Pro XT has a four-bike add-on.

Range & Battery

It isn’t surprising the Hyperax Electric Bike Rack doesn’t have any battery-related features. Even something as expensive as the Thule EasyFold XT 2 doesn’t have one. Generally speaking, you’ll have difficulty finding bike racks with, say, a charging station.

Safety Features

Not only does the steel locking hitch pin provide strong durability, but it also has anti-wobble properties. You’ll have to try pretty hard to make the bike platform wobble. Accompanying the hitch pin is a dual key locking mechanism, preventing both the bikes and bike rack from being swiped when you aren’t looking. Velcro straps secure the wheels, while large straps hold the frame. Strong as the straps are, a better alternative would be appreciated.


The Hyperax Electric Bike Rack is among the cheapest options for hauling electric bikes. It cuts a few corners, like with the velcro straps, but you’re saving so much that you can use those extra funds to add additional security. If you have a Class 3 vehicle and need better bike security, check with the Hollywood Sport Rider.

Hyperax Electric Bike Rack Wrap Up

The Hyperax Electric Bike Rack is everything you’d want from an affordable option: it’s strong, durable high carbon steel and RV approved. Yes, it does cut a few corners, like the straps and adapter necessary for step-thru racks—but you’re paying for less otherwise, even if you factor in alternative options. Its performance is arguably worth it.

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