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Hydro Flask Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Hydro Flask has grown to be one of the most popular water bottle brands especially after it got famous as the go-to bottle for most VSCO girls & Gen-Zers. They’ve been widely touted as the symbol for environmental change, being an alternative to the use of disposable plastic water bottles. All hydro flasks rely on a double wall vacuum insulation which keeps the contents of the bottle either hot or cold, thus preventing any change in temperature. It’s able to keep your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and your water cold for just about a day. The flask also comes with a wide mouth for easy filling Could this be the best flask for you to use when carrying your beverages? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Hydro Flask Review

Still walking around with a plastic water bottle? It’s time to get with the program and find yourself a Hydro Flask. These babies keep your beverages at the right temperature for most of the day, and come in very stylish colors to boot.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Pricey for a water bottle


This insulated bottle is made from pro-grade stainless steel that’s much better than that of the Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask, making it highly durable and capable of surviving many drops to the ground. Most of the flasks are naturally fitted with a wide mouth, but if this isn’t your thing, you can opt for one with a standard mouth, with the only caveat being that it’ll have to be in a much smaller size (24 oz or 18 oz). Also, the Hydro Flask water bottle naturally comes with a Flex Cap, though you can decide to have that switched for a Straw Lid or Hydro Flip Lid. Alternatively, you can go for a heavy duty flask that is 50% thicker. More on this flask in our Primo liquor stainless steel flask review.


The team behind Hydro Flask did good to make it available in a wide array of colors so that everyone would be able to go with their flavour. There’s about 10 colors to choose from, which will stay nice and bright even after being dipped into a dishwasher several times. The flask is sold in upto 7 different sizes, with the only major difference between them being the use of either a straw lid or a flex cap. Either way, all versions come with a matte-exterior (similar to the GIfts Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask) that makes it easy to maintain a good grip.


As much as Hydro Flasks provide a great way to help take better care of the environment, they haven’t yet been certified as a B-corp organization. Klean Kanteen on the other hand is a recipient of that certification. They actually donate 1% of their sales to charities, making them a better option to support if you want to really place your weight behind environmentally friendly companies. On the flipside, Hydro Flasks also come with a lifetime warranty, which you certainly won’t get with the YWQ Hip Black Mate Flask.

Hydro Flask Review Wrap Up

If you ask most people about the best water bottle to get right now, 5 out of 10 will tell you to go for the Hydro Flask. It might be more expensive than most of the typical water bottles you can get from the store, but it’s a functional choice for anyone that wants to stop using plastic.

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