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Hussell Car Charger Review

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A car charger is always useful to have for those times that you need to power your phone while on the move. The Hassel USB car charger is an example of one that you can rely on, and it features two USB ports that you should be able to use depending on the type of device you have. There’s a 2.4A smart USB port that charges up to 2 times faster than the normal car adapter, and a 3A Qualcomm quick charge port that provides up to 4x faster charging speed. With support for both Android and iOS devices, could this be the best car charger for you? Go on with this review to find out and discover other interesting car accessories that interest you.

Why We Like It – Hussell Car Charger

The Hussell car charger qualcomm 3.0 USB port powers your phone at close to 3 times the charging speed of normal chargers, and guarantees that you always stay connected whenever you’re driving. The charger Qualcomm quick charge will have your 3000mAh battery fully charged in an hour, making it one of the fastest ways to charge your device.

  • Smart IC technology to identify device
  • Compatible with both Android & iOS
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Doesn’t come with USB cord

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The Hussell car charger is easily one of the most efficient car chargers you can get right now, and despite its fast charging capabilities, it still has safety measures that ensure that your devices don’t get damaged. The dual USB charger is able to identify the type of device that’s plugged into it through its Smart IC technology, so that it can regulate the power output dispensed. Like the maxboost car charger, the two charging ports that it features also have different output voltages, with the qualcomm quick charge port varying between 1.5A & 3A, while the smart output port is at a constant 2.4A. The Hussell car charger qualcomm quick charger will therefore never really put your devices out of service.


The design of the Hussell car adapter is pretty small and compact, making it easier to stash away whenever you’re not using it. It’s made out of polycarbonate ABS plastic making it fireproof, and measures 59 by 28 by 28mm. Unfortunately, the fast car charger adapter is only available in a black color, and is actually lighter than the amazonbasics coiled cable lightning car charger at 0.05 pounds.


Even with the Hussell USB car charger being able to charge two devices at once, you’ll still be able to use your devices as they charge, and this will have little to no effect on how long they’ll take to reach maximum power. Also, for those who might not have an idea on how long the charging takes, if you have a phone with the 3000mAh battery, the dual USB car charger should take about 25 minutes to get to 50%. Phones like the Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 have a 3000mAh battery, so it should take them about an hour to get to full charge. The LG Nexus range might take even less time due to the smaller 2300mAh capacity. If the Hussell car charger qualcomm 3.0 USB adapter is not as small as you’d want, perhaps the ravpower mini dual usb car adapter might be worth checking out.

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Hussell Car Charger Wrap Up

Shipped from the United States, the Hussell car charger adapter has got everything you need to charge two of your devices on the go, and with the charger qualcomm quick charge, you’ll be able to charge your devices a lot faster than using a normal socket charger. For complete customer satisfaction, the dual USB car charger comes with a 24 month warranty, so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Hussell in case the charger develops a problem.