Husqvarna’s Newest Demolition Robot Works via Bluetooth Remote

If you are like most humans, there are just some days when you could really use a professional demolition robot. Thanks to Husqvarna, now you can actually get one – and you don’t have to be anywhere near the destruction when the robot is at work.

This robot is the DXR 140, and works via a Bluetooth remote controller complete with dual joysticks, but this is monster is a far cry from a toy. It’s small enough to fit through doors, but large enough to really smash up rock and concrete in a variety of structures.

That smashing comes courtesy of an 11 to 15-kilowatt motor, depending on which option you choose. The arm can reach out around 3.7 meters for a maximum swing. Like many Husqvarna products, this demolition robot can use several different interchangeable tools. For destruction, there is a breaker piece suitable for pure smashing. For breaking things into smaller bits, there is a crusher end that can be equipped to the robot. Finally, for cleaning up after, you can use a bucket piece.

The Bluetooth works from a distance of around 300 feet, which is a boon to professionals who need to clear a site but can’t get too close because of structural integrity issues or other reasons. The wireless communication goes both ways, too: The remote control device gives users updates on machine performance and lets people know when the demolition robot needs an oil job or a new filter.

Look, this is a very professional machine for commercial use and comes with a $126,000 price tag. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to control one in your mind and make little vrooming noises as it smashes down the walls of the next-door cubicle. If you want even more demolition robots, then by all means watch the promotional videos that Husqvarna has created for this little beauty, which celebrate       destruction in all its forms – especially those with treads and giant robotic arms.

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