Hurricane HGC736503 Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
92 Expert Rating

The Hurricane HGC73650 Wall Mount Fan features a 90-degree tilt head which further adds to the great optimization the fan has. The 5-foot power cord is a pretty standard size for a fan of its class, but considering it’s a best wall fan and a best circulation fan for grow tents, even just one extra foot could have elevated it from good to great. What features make it a great fan? Let’s dig in.

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Why We Like It – Hurricane HGC736503

The Hurricane HGC73650 contains 16” fan blades and three-speed settings. Not only does this give optimal air uniformity in the room, but optimal control over airflow as well. It also weighs only seven pounds and is inexpensive compared to other fans. So take your pick, move it from room to room or buy one for each room. You can’t go wrong with either choice.

  • 90 Degree Adjustable Tilt Head
  • Pull Cord or Dial Control
  • Steel Neck Support
  • No dB Levels
  • Only a 5’ Power Cord

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Unlike the Honeywell Tower fan, Hurricane Fans have three-speed settings and adjustable tilt for greater control over how much air you’re getting. The adjustable tilt also allows you more freedom as to the direction of airflow. It has a 90-degree oscillating tilt which is pretty good for a wall mount fan and very impressive for a fan in a grow tent. Just another thing this fan is capable of. If you’ll only be using it indoors though consider the SPT SF-16W81.


Hurricane Classic Fans are built with 16-inch diameter fan blades for better air circulation throughout the room. The speed and oscillation control are controlled by two pull cords attached to the fan which give it a very old-school and rugged feel like the Lorell LLR49256. Of course, it’s don’t as strong as the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust fan, but it’s built fine.

Noise/Sound Level

The Hurricane HGC73650 Oscillating Wall Mount Fan doesn’t give exact dB levels, but it does make a point to say that all three speeds are quiet. Turning to customer reviews we find that most are very happy with the level of noise the fan makes. Even at high velocity, the fan doesn’t amount to much more than background noise, which is always good to hear.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Hurricane HGC73650 comes with durable steel neck support which makes it extremely durable and not prone to falling from your wall, which is always a nice assurance. The included power cord is five feet long. While pretty good, the extra foot could go a long way. We’ve seen fans with six-foot power cords and it just makes them all the more versatile when you go to install them.


The Hurricane HGC73650 is among the least expensive wall mount fans we’ve seen. It’s about $40.00 cheaper than its next leading competitor, the Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan. And despite the steel neck, it’s still very light, only weighing about 7 pounds. So if you’re the type who has to constantly move a fan from room to room, this is the fan for you.

Hurricane HGC73650 Wrap Up

The Hurricane HGC73650 is a highly versatile fan that allows for both dial and pull-cord control depending on your preference. The Steel neck support adds extra durability to make sure the fan lasts a long time and doesn’t fall and break. The lack of stated dB levels is not surprising, but we would love to see at least one fan break away from the herd and actually measure them.