Hurricane 736565 Review

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Updated July 13, 2022
88 Expert Rating

The Hurricane 736565 Digital Wall Mount Fan has three-speed settings combined with three oscillation settings for highly controllable and diverse airflow. And while the cage is this top-tier fan is made from steel, the body is made from plastic. It would have been nice if the whole fan was as durable as the cage.

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Why We Like It – Hurricane 736565

The Hurricane 736565 runs with a figure 8 air pattern circulation for more uniformity of room air. The steel guard that protects the fan blades is durable and easily removable for cleaning, and the fan is great for homes, workshops, and other industrial areas, and even greenhouses!

  • Three Speed Settings
  • Good Customer Reviews on Noise Level
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • Made from Plastic
  • No dB Ratings

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The Hurricane 736565 produces a figure 8 pattern when it’s circulating air which helps in making the air in the room more uniform. It also comes with three-speed settings and three oscillation settings for better control of just how much air is circulated. It is powerful, and the CFM rating on high is 2,118. Check out the SPT SF-16W81 for a similarly powerful and adjustable fan.


The Hurricane 736565 is made from durable plastic. Although it is durable, we do wish they sprung for something more refined than plastic. However, the guard steel for the fan blades is made out of metal, so at least you know the guard can stand up to some punishment. It has easy operation too, with your choice of a pull cord or buttons. Its cousin, the Hurricane HGC736503, has the same choices too.

Noise/Sound Level

The Hurricane 736565 claims to operate with less noise than traditional fans. There are no dB levels given, unfortunately, but the fact that they say this is more than most other fan companies say. Turning to customer reviews, most acknowledge that the fan is very quiet and makes less noise than it should. Do watch out for some slight oscillating noise though, especially when the fan is on high. This is different from the Broan-Nutone 512M because it doesn’t oscillate at all.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Hurricane 736565 isn’t just ideal for cooling down a room in your house. It’s also ideal for workshops, garages, and other areas where heavy-duty fans need to be used. Adding more to this versatility, the fan is also able to be used in greenhouses to help your plants grow. If you’re curious about greenhouse fans, check out the Lorell LLR49256 too!


The Hurricane 736565 comes with a remote control which ultimately offers you three ways of operations: pull chains, buttons, and remotes. It also absorbs less power than most other fans in its class at 54 watts. This is great for saving on energy costs if you run a little warm or if you need a fan to grow plants in your greenhouse!

Hurricane 736565 Wrap Up

The Hurricane 736565 is a quiet fan, if customer reviews are anything to go by (which we believe they are considering there are over 2,000 of them). It’s just a shame they didn’t break away from the pack and actually give us some dB levels. But what they did give us was a remote control, adding to the incredible versatility of the fan.