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For the best electric bike under 1000, we put Hurbo Folding Electric Bike in the spotlight to ask the tough question: does it make the cut? Short answer: yes. The battery is arguably its saving grave, capable of pushing for 43 miles—but at a pace that some might find boring.

Why We Like It – Hurbo Folding Electric Bike

Travel long distances with the Hurbo Folding Electric Bike, with every mile giving you one more reason to rest your butt on its comfortable seat and enjoy the day before letting it quickly charge for another round.

  • Durable and strong
  • Quicker charging time than most
  • Can travel 43 miles on a single charge
  • Max speed of 15mph
  • A bit heavy

Durability & Build Quality

To perfect the Hurbo Folding Electric Bike’s lightweight, durable, and strong build, an aluminum frame was used. With this high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy frame, additional pieces were added, such as a high-strength carbon steel front fork that incorporates good comfort shock absorption. In addition to a full suspension system, the wheels are reinforced with a double layer aluminum alloy.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Having a 250 watt motor isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a much more powerful motor would have been appreciated, one that can do more than 15mph—especially when the bike can travel up to 43 miles. It isn’t the high speed thrill we would’ve wanted, but it’s fair. It makes up for it with a 7-speed Shimano transmission system, which provides a wide variety of speeds.

Range & Battery

On the flipside, 15mph is much easier for the removable lithium battery. At that speed, the lithium ion battery can keep supplying power to the mountain bike for nearly 3 hours. Modes like pedal assist help to postpone a dying battery (battery charger included). It can charge within 4 hours!

Safety Features

The Hurbo Folding Electric E Bikes aren’t strapped with any notable safety features, other than a bright LED headlamp and its naturally safer design. The fat tires are anti-slip wear resistant tires, a necessary attribute for weather and longevity. And since this electric bicycle has a collapsible frame, several locks were put in place to keep it together.


The Hurbo Foldable Electric Bike E 250W 7-Speed Shifter isn’t doing much to differentiate itself from other bikes of its breed. For example, the ECOTRIC 20 New Flat Tire Folding Electric Bike does its job just as well and better in most cases, like 20mph max speed. In fact, if you were looking for the best electric bike for seniors, we’d recommended the ECOTRIC over the Hurbo Folding Electric Bike. For mountain biking, the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike is a shoe in, since the Addmotor Motan is priced at $2000.

Hurbo Folding Electric Bike Wrap Up

The Hurbo Folding Electric Bike doesn’t quite make it as one of the best folding electric bikes; it misses by a few points, mainly its 50 pound frame and 15mph max speed. What it does do is help you travel long distances at a respectable pace. It’s durable, strong, and charges rather quickly than most.

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