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Updated: Oct 20, 2023 7:30 PM

Choosing the best hunting and shooting gear could mean the difference between getting hunted down by wild boar or having your compass and rifle ready to fire during a big game exercise. Our evaluation focused on each product’s ability to facilitate a better, safer, and more productive hunting and shooting experience.

After more than 12 hours of research, our pick for the best hunting and shooting accessory goes to the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow. It is an excellent starter set for beginners to intermediate level deer hunters with pure power (up to 350 feet per second), a 4×32 scope for accuracy up to 60 yards out, and lightweight construction that is a pleasure to hold. Keep reading to learn more about the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow other high-quality items available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Hunting Shooting

 #1  Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow


WHY WE LIKE IT: This crossbow is a straight workhorse, shooting arrows up to 350 feet per second with a lightweight profile for long-range kill shots, making it an excellent choice for novice deer hunters.

  • Lightweight (only 6.4 pounds)
  • Shoots up to 350 feet per second
  • Includes 4×32 scope to develop accuracy
  • Grips are not adjustable
  • Entry-level power may not be fast enough for advanced deer hunters
This crossbow is very powerful and accurate for an ethical shot. Along with a 350-foot per second shooting speed, it includes 4×32 scope, which allows for pinpoint accuracy for targets up to 60 yards downfield. TriggerTech Frictionless release technology also does an exceptional job of keeping the crossbow balanced while shooting. What a nice tool for capturing slow-motion kill shots footage. Kudos for including two 20″ arrows, which are really sturdy and well made.We love this crossbow’s portions. It measures 17.75″ by 32.25″ long with a shorter 16.25-inch cocked axle to axle width, making it easier to draw against the shoulders for an accurate and comfortable shot. Plus, it only weighs 6.4 pounds, which makes it a good choice for starter deer hunters. All in all, we were very impressed with this crossbow’s quickness and accuracy – good enough to really nail those long-distance, graphic kill shots or hunting headshots. This one of, if not, the best crossbows in the market today.

 #2  Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio


WHY WE LIKE IT: Thanks to a generous 16-mile range and a long 18-hour battery life, we love these walkie talkies for emergency situations out on the trails.

  • 22 channels to eliminate interference
  • Generous 16-mile range and slim profile (1.1″ by 1.91″ by 5.22″)
  • Comes in a 3 pack; great for groups
  • Limited range in high obstruction, wooded areas
  • Not the most intuitive menu system
Our favorite feature with this walkie talkie is its range. A 16-mile range and 22 available channels allow for users to see a static-free channel for easy communication. While researching these walkie talkies, we met a 4 to 5-mile range in a heavily wooded area off a telephone-line heavy road, so we are more than confident it reaches its advertised range in open areas like beaches and flatter areas.This walkie talkie’s battery life is also very impressive, running up to 18 hours using 3 AAA batteries. During emergencies, every hour counts, so we appreciate this very much. Kudos to a rugged outer shell and rubberized buttons, which holds up very well with heavy wear and tear. Just like the cool weapons and armor you can choose from on our best hunting and shooting review.

 #3  Mossy Oak Survival Knife


WHY WE LIKE IT: This survival knife comes with an ultra-sharp 440C stainless steel edge and a fire starter, a great go-to knife for anyone looking to skin animals, cut through meat, and start campfires.

  • Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle
  • Includes fire starter and sharpeners
  • Serrated and smooth edges on opposite sides for different cutting activities
  • Large gap between guard and blade
  • Too large for carving or whittling
This survival knife is built really well. Its large 15-inch 440C stainless steel blade is very hard and cuts well with a zig-zag, serrated edge on one side, and a smooth edge on the other. Both options make it a breeze to slice through thick branches or tackle dense ropes. It also comes with a sheath for safe storage. Now, you can get as good a cut as those graphic hunting videos.Thanks to an ergonomic TPR rubber coated soft hand, this survival knife’s grip is really on point for people of all skill levels. It is non-slip, even with sweaty or dirt-caked hands. Good idea for its included fire starter and sharpeners, which works great for starting that impromptu campfire when no matches are available.

 #4  CQR Men’s Tactical Pants

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WHY WE LIKE IT: These men’s tactical pants are made using water-resistant Duratex fabric and contain several cargo pockets, a great choice for hunters who want to feel comfortable under extreme weather conditions.

  • Stretchy elastic waistband for mobility
  • Fade and liquid-resistant Duratex fabric
  • 8 cargo pockets to store items of all sizes
  • Front pockets may be too small for some people
  • Pocket liner material is thin
These cargo pants are made really well. It uses Duratex fabric, which is liquid and dirt-resistant. A sturdy metal alloy button and zipper keeps it closed and a whopping eight cargo pockets (series deep front pockets and Velcro side pockets) do an exceptional job of keeping sheathed knives, wallets, and other valuables. Kudos for its fade and shrink-resistant, no matter how many the number of washes.This pair of tactical pants comes with a nickel-plated D-ring that works very well to hang keys or clipped weapons on. An elastic waistband also fits snug and is adjustable down to the millimeter, which we loved for allowing freedom of movement. Nothing feels better than a pair of comfortable pants while shooting from a prone position or nailing amazing hunting shots or a deer kill shot. And practicing with the best archery targets will get you that deer, for sure.

 #5  SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pair of binoculars is very powerful, sporting a 10X power magnification and a 1000-yard-long field of view, which is great for bird watching and tracking your prey out in the woods.

  • Outstanding magnification
  • Captures objects in clearer view up to 1000 yards out
  • Lightweight (1.75 pounds) & includes padded case
  • Hard plastic around eyepiece, not the most comfortable
  • Plastic housing could chip with heavy use
This pair of binoculars from a standing position is very powerful. We like its 10X power magnification and 50mm lens, which really brings objects up to 1000 yards tightly in focus. Its 50mm lens allows more light to penetrate, which allows users to see clearer detail even under low lighting conditions. Its central focus wheel is easy to toggle left and right to capture a clean image.We really like how easy it is to use this pair of binoculars. It provides a nice rubber anti-slip grip and a ridged center focus knob. Adjustable eye cups use a rubber-covered seal and lowered or raised eyecups to place the eye flush against the lens for a good look. The quality and accuracy just right as is with the best crossbow scope. Plus, it only weighs 1.75 pounds, which makes it very easy to hold for extended periods.

 #6  Cammenga 27CS Lensatic Compass


WHY WE LIKE IT: Offers fantastic accuracy to within /- 40 mils (2.25 degrees) and comes with a shatterproof cast aluminum frame, making this the perfect choice for spot-in navigation.

  • High accuracy to within /- 40 mils
  • Durable and shockproof construction
  • Used by the U.S. military
  • Flimsy locking mechanism
  • Phosphorescent not as bright as tritium
Our favorite feature with this compass is its toughness. It has an operating temperature between -50°F to 150 °F with a shock and sand-resistant, powder-coated, aluminum frame, more than capable of withstanding the occasional drop. Plus, it has a non-liquid filled needle housing, which is not affected by temperature changes.Kudos for how easy it is to use this compass. Simply open the top lid and shift your position based on the direction of the arrow to go towards your intended destination. All in all, we are very impressed with this unit, which is the same model used by the U.S. Military, so we know it will work as intended.

 #7  Alps OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bag is made out of tough nylon ripstop fabric and comes with more than six pockets, making it an excellent choice for hunters to store their essentials such as holsters and water bottles.

  • Dust and dirt-resistant ripstop fabric
  • Drop-down rifle pocket for easy accessibility
  • More than six well-proportioned pockets
  • On the heavy side ( 7 lbs. 5 oz.)
  • Comes in only one color
This backpack is built with all of the right proportions for a hunter or shooter to be efficient. Nylon ripstop fabric is dirt, dust, and water-resistant. Several pockets come in different shapes and sizes, with two hinged pockets for accessories and larger main and front pockets for bulkier items. It even includes a drop-down rifle holder that places it within arms range for a quick shot.Thanks to this commander bags 17” to 23 torso adjustment buckle, it fits snug against the body. Its shoulder pads are wide and plush, feel comfortable even with extended wear. Our only knock is that it comes in one color (coyote brown).

How We Decided

In determining the best hunting shooting to buy, we explored tools we feel help facilitate a better, safe, more productive and more cohesive hunting experience. Our list did not include guns, although if you’re hunting with them then you will need the best shooting ear protection for noise reduction.By providing a better experience, we recommend hunting and shooting accessories that can improve the overall 360 degrees experience. Ripstop nylon fabric pants with six-plus pockets or a U.S. military-grade compass all provide a level of reliability to completely reinvent the way you manage things out on the trails. No more fumbling through single pockets or relying on a mobile phone’s GPS in a low coverage area to get you through.Safety on the trails is a key concern. Products like the Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio and the Mossy Oak Survival Knife all provide a strong level of safety, helping hunters escape potential problematic situations by connecting them to the “outside world” or starting an emergency fire to keep warm. A pair of camo socks or a writing utensil for the trails simply don’t carry the same cachet. Not to be underestimated – be sure to get plenty of solid rest before your next hunting expedition.

Best Hunting Shooting Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Productivity & Multi-purpose AbilityLook for hunting and shooting accessories that amplify your experience in new ways. A pair of high-quality binoculars help you capture your next shot and a good pair of cargo pants like the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants allows you to pay equal attention to writing utensils, clipped weapons, and your mobile phone or hunting videos for easy access. Another important aspect of productivity is the ability to know where you are and how to reach someone at all times, which are represented by the Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio and the Cammenga 27CS Lensatic Compass.
  2. SafetyWe place a high premium on safety. Each product should have enough guards in place to not overwhelm the user. Products focused entirely on safety, such as the Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio and the Cammenga 27CS Lensatic Compass, are also hugely important, as they allow outdoors people to better navigate the wild and find their way to emergency personnel and each other in the case of an emergency.
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