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Updated June 27, 2022
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Jordan Peele’s Hunters is a show about Jonah Heidlebaum, a drug dealer played by actor Logan Lerman. Jonah experiences harsh racism because of his jewish heritage, and right off the bat he experiences some moments that changed his life forever. These moments turn him into a vigilante as he sets out for revenge for his family. Hunters made our Best Shows On Amazon with other greats like The Boys. And if you want to try a different site, have a look at best streaming services available today!

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Why We Like It – Hunters Review

This is a great series on Amazon Prime Video for fans of content with real historical context. The story revolves around the active lives behind some nazi hunters doing society a solid by taking out some trash human beings on a rampage. With only one season out right now, there is time to get caught up to speed.

  • Inspired by True Events
  • Great Origin Story
  • Storyline Jumps Around Too Often

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This TV series features appearances by Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman, Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris, and many more. The performance of the actors during the show is centered on serious matters, but there are slight moments of comical relief during some of the characters’ conversations. Most of the time you will get to enjoy the cinematic fights breaking out between the hunters and nazis, which make for content so great it will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next.


During many of the scenes it is dimly lit, which gives the show that unique old touch since it’s supposed to be based sometime after the world war. The show changes perspectives often from Jonah’s life to the detective Millie Malone’s life. The show uses eerie music to enhance the dark moments, and makes the series feel a little scarier as our characters carry on the show. While this show is centered on nazi hunting, there are other great series to check out, such as The Americans that is about somes spies lives, or Babylon 5 thats about aliens and humans coexisting in outer space.


This is a good show to watch if you’re looking for a tense, dramatic, and action filled series about nazi hunting. It is interesting to see a slice of life from the world war days, and this series provides a story on the horrors that the Nazis caused. I am already hooked on the first episode and with only the first season to catch up on, this production from amazon studios is definitely a must see.

Hunters Review Wrap Up

This comic book by David Weil was adapted beautifully by Jordan Peele to be an amazing show that gets you pumped as you await for Nazis to be hunted to their rightful demise. This series feels like a superhero movie, and it is exciting to see Jonah’s rise to the vigilant life as he tries to solve a mystery.

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