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A best foldable drone should be small enough yet weigh just enough so that it can be transported in a backpack without worry. The Hubsan Zino Drone is this. A best drone for travelling should have a Return to Home feature just in case the battery runs out on you. The Hubsan Zino has this too. Overall, the Zino will make an excellent addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Why We Like It – Hubsan Zino Drone

The Hubsan Zino Drone boasts a number of impressive features for a mid-level drone. It’s max speed is fast enough to get your blood running, battery life is high for more time having fun, and its compactness and durability means you can bring it anywhere without worrying about damage.

  • Return To Home Feature
  • 1000 Meter Control Range
  • Very Stable in the Air
  • Controller Feels Cheap
  • No Obstacle Avoidance System


The Hubsan Zino boasts a top speed of 37 miles per hour, and although it’s not the fastest drone we’ve seen it’s still excellent for its class and status as a mid-level drone. If you do want something faster, consider a Mavic Pro like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone. The Zino Drone also features a good variety of intelligent flight modes like the all-too-important Return Home setting.


Flight time on the Zino Drone clocks in at an impressive 23 minutes. This high quality battery life is quite possibly industry-leading considering the Zino is a mid-class drone. If you do want a high-end drone with considerable battery life, check out the Autel EVO Drone. Control range for the drone is 1000 meters, which is excellent, if not just a tad excessive.


The Zino Drone is foldable, and combined with it’s mere 1.5 pound weight, won’t slow you down if you want to transport it somewhere in a backpack. Like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone it feels very well made and sturdy. The Zino comes with a protective cap that fits over the camera to protect it during transport. And if you do ever need replacement parts Hubsan has a full suite of them on their website.

Camera Features

The Zino features a 4K Ultra HD camera which is capable of shooting video up to 30FPS on the highest setting. You also get some control features over the footage, such as ISO and exposure settings. The three-axis gimbal rivals those of even higher-end drones and does an excellent job in stabilizing footage even in the windiest of weather conditions.


From an ergonomic standpoint, the included remote control is comfortable to hold and use. However, it is made of plastic and does feel very cheaply made. Further, the drone also lacks any downward facing sensor and, most importantly, an obstacle avoidance system. A beginner may find this worrisome while they are learning to fly.

Hubsan Zino Drone Wrap Up

It seems as though the people at Hubsan focused more on the durability and features of the drone than they did their controller. Although I wish they had put a little bit more focus on the controller, I’m okay with this trade-off. So if you’re a semi-experienced pilot looking for your next adventure, you’ll find it in the Hubsan Zino Drone,

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