The Huawei D100 Router turns a 3G dongle into a WiFi network that accommodates the traveling user. Perfect for this holiday season, there are no set up fees, installment costs or wires required. You may also want to read Which Best Home Router Is Right for You.

So what strings are attached to the Huawei D100 Router, an astute consumer might ask? In this case, there are really none. A standard 3G USB dongle is inserted in the top instead of plugging the router into a landline broadband connection. The dongle permits the sharing of 3G broadband with any device in the area. This is perfect for the traveler in a hotel or holiday resort as the only actions required are literally to plug in and play. The router is also wireless, another obvious convenience. For another enhancer review, take a look at the Mohu Bounce Wifi Enhancer Review instead.

Just plug the 3G Mobile Broadband dongle into the router and discover instant access to the Internet that you can share with wi-fi enabled devices such as a PC, Mac or laptop. You can even connect more than one computer at a time, using just one dongle. There is only one catch, if you can call it that. The router is only compatible with Huawei Mobile Broadband dongles from 3.

The Huawei D100 Router is available in the UK through the company priced at £69.99 (about $140 US dollars) plus a 3 mobile broadband plan

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