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When considering the Best Automatic Pot Stirrer, the HTI 3 is definitely on the list for its ease of use. Similar to the uutensil UUTENSIL Saucepan Stirrer Battery Powered model, this auto stirrer is simple, cordless, and easy to clean.

Why We Like It – HTI. 3 Speeds Automatic Stirrer

Your arms can now rest easy in the kitchen. The HTI 3 Speeds Automatic Stirrer is designed to just pull out of the cabinet and use for stirring and mixing. With stainless steel and non stick material, most foodstuffs just washes right off making cleaning a breeze.

  • Cordless
  • Convenient to pull out quickly and use
  • Easy to clean
  • Mixers don’t rotate
  • May not work well for thicker sauces


The HTI Auto Stirrer Blender Utensil performs well for when you need a quick mix. Throw your ingredients in a shallow saucepan and put this baby to work. It performs best for simple and thinner sauces and mixes. With three speeds, you have some decent control over the aggressiveness of your mixing.


The HTI’s simple design is smart. It’s always a breath of fresh air when your small kitchen appliances are cordless, especially when you need the flexibility to mix on different counters and over the stove. The mixing legs are also stainless steel and non stick, so cleaning it off after use is a breeze. We all know how much that matters for how much you use a utensil.


The $20.00 price mark is hard to argue with for a utensil, food sauce maker, stirrer, and blender all-in-one. Of course, there’s some limit to the HTI 3’s functionality at that price point as well. It may be harder to swallow the cost of more advanced models like the StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer and SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer, so this is a good option for a lower cost of entry. Just don’t expect it to mix a gallon of your Grandmother’s super thick, chunky tomato sauce.

HTI. 3 Speeds Automatic Stirrer Wrap Up

There’s a reason why HTI named this stirrer the “HTI 3 Speeds Automatic Kitchen Robot Auto Stirrer Blender Utensil Food Sauce Maker Kitchen Tools” (seriously, check it out on Amazon). It’s because it’s a versatile and simple-to-use auto stirrer. If you want something you can just turn on and watch as it stirs, this is a good value option.

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