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HP’s New Version of the Spectre x360 Aims for Top Work Hybrid Laptop

HP Spectre x360 Main
HP's newest x360 model comes with several welcome upgrades, but is it enough?

The Spectre x360 was an odd laptop for HP – a slim, ambitious model that almost soared to the top of the list in the ultrabook world, but several things kept it back (notably, brands like Dell and Microsoft came out with superior products at just the right time). But now HP is trying again with a new version of the Spectre x360: Could it finally make our list of the best ultrabooks for 2018? Let’s take a look.

First, the new version is smaller and thinner than the old option, which marketers love to boast about and does, in fact, make the model a bit lighter. The battery has a 25% upgrade to last longer as well. HP has also confirmed that it will have a Thunderbolt 3 port option, a pair of USB Type C ports that can be used for a variety of different cutting edge purposes. On the security front, Windows Hello biometric authentication will also be supported.

Spectre x360 Hybrid

This x360 is slimmer and better-equipped than earlier versions.

For storage geeks out there, you’ll be relieved to know that the Spectre model now comes with NVMe SSD storage instead of the old SATA option, which is basically a “no duh” move by HP and should make switching laptops a little easier. There’s also a fast-charge option that can charge the laptop almost all the way in 90 minutes.

The odd part is the screen, which will not be offered in ultra HD, unlike previous models. There will only be a 1920×1080, 13.3-inch screen offered. It’s a little weird, but part of the reason may be to lower costs, since this version of the x360 will start at $900: That may seem like a high price, but its very competitive at the level HP wants to play at.

A final word on the Spectre: While the new version is impressive, if you want to purchase it make sure you are actually buying the new model. HP’s selection and purchasing system can be…obscure, to put it kindly. Double-check what you’re buying, especially since there are multiple Spectre x360s floating around!

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