HPC Revolution AT Review

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Updated March 1, 2023
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If you asked us, “What are the best off-road electric bikes?”—the HPC Revolution AT tends to rush to the front of our minds. It is built, from the ground up, to tackle the off-road. Its 1500W mid-drive motor provides hellish power, while the impressive suspension system keeps everything as smooth as possible. If you want to point to the best electric bike, this is a template on what to look for.

Why We Like It – HPC Revolution AT

The HPC Revolution AT is what peak performance looks like on off-road trails and mountains. Fitted with a 1500W mid-drive motor and excellent suspension system, no trail or mountain is beyond your reach. Read our Ariel Rider ebike review for another model with a solid mid-drive motor.

  • Incredibly powerful 1500W mid-drive motor
  • Impressive suspension performance
  • Can hit top speeds of 45mph+
  • Very expensive
  • 40 miles on a single charge

Durability & Build Quality

One good look at the HPC Revolution X E Bike and you’ll get a feeling it’s heavy. At 79 lbs., it certainly is, despite having a hand-welded aluminum frame, reinforced with carbon fiber. In this case, you already know how much does an electric bike weigh, considering this one is so heavy. However, specific design choices were made to cut out as much as possible without disrupting integrity, and Hi-Power Cycles nailed it.

The handles are nice and stiff, thanks to their carbon fiber nature. As for the pedals, there’s a fair amount of grip, especially with the right footwear. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a bike made out of 6061 aluminum alloy, you’ll want to read our Gunai electric review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The HPC Revolution AT can hit astounding speeds—so fast that it isn’t legal on roads. The standard 1500W motor can reach 45mph, twice the watts of Quietkat Ranger 750. Because this is so fast, you won’t even want to take a look at our IZIP E3 review. Although, the HalloMotor can go 60mph. Torque is phenomenal for hills, though pedal assist is an option. It’s only as an add-on. There’s even a 3000W option.

On another note, if you want to convert your old bike into an electric one, read our Hilltopper horizon conversion kit review or our Jaxpety ebike conversion kit.

Range & Battery

If anything’s weak, it’s the standard 910Wh battery. We expected something more substantial than 40 miles on a single charge for the price you pay. However, that’s 10 more miles than what you’ll get with the Jetson Adventure electric bike. If you want, say, 75 miles or more, you’re tacking $1000+ onto the bill. But, that’s if you’re willing to pay the extra money for the best long range electric bike.

Safety Features

Two MVPs here: full suspension and brakes. Similar to what you’d find on the model in our MacWheel Wrangler review. With how well the HPC Revolution AT can handle steep drops, the Emerald inverted fork and DVO Jade rear shocks keep you stuck to the ground like a spider. And what better way to put a halt to all this power than Maguara’s MT7, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes? For teenagers and adults looking for a good ebike, consider reading the Hurbo folding electric bike review.


The HPC Revolution AT is, quite frankly, very expensive. You could buy the IZIP E3 Peak Plus four times. That’s the cost of buying high-end parts. Also, the HPC Revolution AT can’t be driven on roads legally, so only those with private land or access to OHV trails can take full advantage of it. On a budget, the Juiced RipCurrent S is $2500.

HPC Revolution AT Wrap Up

The HPC Revolution AT is a monster of an off-road electric bike, taking advantage of some of the latest tech. That comes with a hefty cost. In return, the 1500W motor will let you climb just about any hill, mountain, or trail; you’ll max out at 45mph; all the while, your suspension system keeps you together.