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HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2 Review

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If you work from home or need a decent keyboard for basic use, the best keyboard for the job is the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2. Its slim and low-profile design makes it easy to fit on your desk. As a full-sized keyboard, similar to the Corsair K63, you get a keypad. The keys require very little force to type, making them ideal for typists. The design and impeccable wireless connections make this keyboard one of the best wireless keyboards from HP.

Why We Like It – HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

Small form factor, the full-sized keyboard has low profile keys, little resistance, and a durable design, making it a solid choice for basic use or typing.

  • Works well and is durable
  • Includes a battery life indicator
  • Wireless receiver can connect 5 devices
  • Price doesn’t match performance and design
  • Wireless receiver takes away a USB


What the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2 does well, like the Arteck 2.4G wireless keyboard, is its typing environment. The keys have a small amount of resistance, just enough to know you’ve tapped one. Furthermore, the distance to press a key is very little as well. What this does for someone who types is create an experience that allows for speed and efficiency. You’ll always know you tapped a key. Compare it to a Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard, however, and there’s simply no contest. If you’re looking for an efficient typing experience in a portable format, consider your tablet and a keyboard for your tablet too.

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Onto design, the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2 gets most details right. For starters, it’s a fairly durable keyboard. Not quite on the levels of an Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, but for its price, we can’t complain. This is a wireless keyboard, which takes 2x AAA batteries. With a good pair, you can get anywhere between 6 months to a year of battery life. Along the top-right, there’s a battery life indicator to keep you informed. Unfortunately, it uses a wireless receiver that will take a single USB on your computer. Up to 5 compatible devices can connect to one single receiver, however, like a wireless mouse.

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Now let’s talk value. Is the HP Wireless Elite V2 Keyboard worth picking up over the top-line Corsair keyboards? Definitely. However, its price doesn’t match its performance. It works well, yes, and it’s a fairly durable keyboard—but it isn’t anything special, not for $52. You can sweeten the deal by picking up the same keyboard with a wireless mouse bundled. Alternatively, you can pick up a Logitech K400 at half the price and it has a trackpad built-in. Still, this HP wireless keyboard would do well in an office setting.

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 Wrap Up

The HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2 does a good job planting itself in offices or at a home computer. Its keys are light, responsive, and plenty of feedback for a typist. Having a wireless receiver is a bummer, but you only need one if you have compatible devices. With a good set of batteries, this keyboard will last months.

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