Do you really care how thin your laptop is? When the difference is just a couple millimeters here or there? Well, HP is hoping you do, because the new Spectre 13 lightweight laptop, what could very well be one of the best ultrabooks to hit the market, is being marketed as the thinnest laptop on the market, even slimmer than the latest MacBook Air and other competitive models. If you’d rather have a laptop with a slightly larger screen, take a look at our Sony 15 inch Vaio Series 15 laptop review too.

Let’s be honest: At this point it really doesn’t matter, it’s just a way to boast for marketing materials. While HP’s newest offering does have a razor-thin design and complementary blade-like style, the average consumer doesn’t care that much. And all the focus on how thin the Spectre 13 is undermines some of the other, more laudable qualities of this laptop and its 13-inch screen. If you’d rather have a tablet instead of a laptop, you might want to read our HP Split X-2 review too.

First, don’t let the MacBook comparisons fool you, there isn’t much similar between these laptops except for their size. The Spectre 13 is a more traditional type of computer, with an HD screen and a choice between powerful Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, both of which are faster than what most ultra-light laptops are capable of. You can choose RAM all the way up to 8GB, and up to 512GB of PCIe SSD storage. Why not also check out our review of the HP 2013 Envy 15 and Envy 17, with slashed prices.

Spectre 13
Yes, it’s very thin – but not really great for ultra high-res project.

Amidst all these powerful specs you probably noticed the discordant twang: A 1080p, non-touchscreen display? If HP is trying to go up against MacBooks, Microsoft Surface Books, and other related computers, this screen is definitely not a great highlight – and may explain the hurried focus on size. Of course, HP laptops are traditionally designed for more ordinary work tasks: More spreadsheets, fewer graphic design projects. As a result, HP users are probably less likely to care. For comparison, take a look at our review on HP’s Stream: Tries to take on the MacBook Air and the Chromebook.

When the Spectre 13 becomes available to the public for orders in late April, prices will begin at $1,170, which is more or less competitive to other laptops in this market niche. What do you think? Is the screen easy to ignore in favor of greater power? Are you willing to become an HP fan for this new super-thin model?

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